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Global PV Installation Reaches 177GW: IEA PVPS

published 2015 年 04 月 01 日 18:04 | editor | category News
International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA PVPS) has published the latest report on global PV markets, Snapshot of Global PV Markets (The “Report”). The Report notes that the glob...  more

1Q13-1Q14(F) Chinese Polysilicon Supply and Demand

published 2013 年 12 月 20 日 13:42 | editor | category graph , trend
  Better Prospect in PV Market Leads to Increased Polysilicon Demand in 1Q14 As indicated by EnergyTrend’s data, global polysilicon output is around 0.17 million tons in 2013, which represents 31GW of supply. The ave...  more

2011-2017 PV Demand in Rest of Asia

published 2013 年 12 月 20 日 10:13 | editor | category graph , trend
  PV Energy Enters High Stable Growth in Asia-Pacific Emerging Markets In the Asia-Pacific region, Japan and China had the highest PV energy demand in 2013, according to EnergyTrend Research Manager Jason Huang. Demands in...  more