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Mini-Version Tesla Model S About to Launch in May

published 2016 年 02 月 17 日 16:25 | editor | category News
Last week, a company named Actev Motors introduced the smart go-kart for kids – the Arrow Kart. The Arrow Kart costs US$ 599, with a top speed of 12 miles per hour. This week, Tesla announced the partnership with...  more

EV Alliance to Deploy EV Charging Stations in Bay Area

published 2014 年 05 月 19 日 11:49 | editor | category News
California Energy Commission has awarded $474,052 from California EV Alliance for the deployment of EV charging infrastructure in the San Francisco Bay Area. A consortium of EV industry developed the Bay Area Charge Ahead Project ...  more

Delta Introduces EV Solutions to Southeast Asia

published 2013 年 12 月 30 日 15:17 | editor | category News
Taiwan’s Delta Electronics announced that it has started supplying First Energy Networks (FEN), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad in Southeast Asia, with a wall-mounted residential AC charger for t...  more