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Investment Environment by Countries – China (2)

published 2011 年 02 月 10 日 16:31 | editor | category Knowledge
According to “Plan on Adjusting and Revitalizing the Auto Industry” published on March 20th 2009, government organizations, taxi, corporate vehicles, and public transportations were to promote and demonstrate electric ...  more

Tesla Launches Battery Recycling Program throughout Europe

published 2011 年 01 月 31 日 9:57 | editor | category News
Unique eco-friendly approach recovers important metals and reduces carbon footprint. Tesla Motors has launched a comprehensive strategy to recycle its industry-leading battery packs throughout Europe. Deutsch At the end of their l...  more

AUO SunPower Dedicates 1,400 Megawatt Solar Cell Fab

published 2010 年 12 月 16 日 17:15 | editor | category News
SunPower Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, announced the inauguration of AUO SunPower Sdn. Bhd., the company's joint venture solar cell fabricati...  more