China to Face Challenges from Wind Power Capacity Excess

The 13th World Wind Energy Conference was held on April 10th in Shanhai City, China, the world’s largest wind power market. As wind power has been growing rapidly in the nation, excessive capacity and insufficient grid-connection are urgent problems for China to .. more

China May Lower the Distributed Generation PV Installation Target

Last month, a China’s official announced that the government has set the PV system installation target of 14GW in 2014, including 8GW of distributed generation (DG) PV system. However, the second target may be lower by at least 2GW to 4~6GW. As the instal.. more

New Spanish PV Policy to Result in Compensation Cuts Up to 45%: SolarServer

The Spanish government has revealed its new PV policies of payment cut. These retroactive cuts will result in up to 45% in compensation for projects in all sizes, reported SolarServer. According to the new policy, the larger a PV plant is, the larger cuts it will suffe.. more

Uncertainty of Germany’s Renewable Energy Highway

Almost a quarter of energy produced in Germany in 2013 was renewable energy, but there is a gap between northern and southern Germany as these two regions have different natural and social backgrounds. In order to even out this imbalance, German government has started a &ldq.. more

MIIT to Release Company List, Chinese PV Market Development will be Directed by PV Policies

EnergyTrend, a research division of TrendForce, indicates that global PV demand will be around 42GW in 2014, a 17% rise compares to 2013. As China announced a series of PV and grid-connection policies, Chinese PV demand increases substantially. Chinese companies h.. more

US Energy Department Announces New SunShot Investment in Solar Energy Grid Solutions

As part of the Energy Department's SunShot Initiative, which is working to make solar energy competitive with other forms of energy without subsidy by the end of the decade, the Energy Department today announced a $29 million investment in four projects that will help.. more

U.S. Feed-in Tariffs will Increase PV Demand

By D.A. Barber Feed-in tariffs (FIT) have been the preferred policy in many regions of the world to help support investors to rapidly increase installation of renewable energy installations projects and markets. Under most FITs, homeowners, businesses, and private in.. more


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