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U.S. Feed-in Tariffs will Increase PV Demand

published 2012 年 05 月 16 日 15:40 | editor | category Analysis
By D.A. Barber Feed-in tariffs (FIT) have been the preferred policy in many regions of the world to help support investors to rapidly increase installation of renewable energy installations projects and markets. Under most FITs, h...  more

EU Wind Power Industry: 520,000 Employed by 2020

published 2012 年 04 月 13 日 14:40 | editor | category News
The European wind power industry’s contribution to EU economic growth will increase almost threefold over the decade by 2020. More than half a million people will be working for the wind power industry in Europe by 2020. The...  more

California on top with $2 billion in wind power investment

published 2012 年 04 月 11 日 15:43 | editor | category News
New turbines were installed at this wind farm in California's Tehachapi Pass in 2011, part of the $2 billion invested in wind energy in the state last year. On Thursday, the Annual Market Report from the American Wind Energy ...  more