Investment Environment by Countries – America (2)

The U.S. government passed a new energy bill addressing the importance of the development of the green energy industry and reassuring the determination of making the country greener. The bill defined critical standards such as bio fuel and automotive fuel efficiency. The .. more

Investment Environment by Countries – America (1)

Although it is not considered extremely difficult for automakers to expand into the electric vehicles field, some key elements of an electric vehicle require intensive technological development and capital investment. Furthermore, the cost savings on gas can hardly cover the.. more

The New Energy Vehicles in China will Realize Industrialization in 2020

According to the New Energy Vehicles Development Seminar, the low-end electric vehicles will be the opportunity for Chinese market. Huang Yonghe, the Chief Specialist of China Automotive Technology and Research Center, believes that the Chinese New Energ.. more

Shenzhen will Invest RMB 5 Billion Yuan in New Energy Vehicles in the 12th Five-Year Plans

The Shenzhen Government has released the development target of the new energy vehicles in the next 5 years——the fund of RMB 5 billion Yuan will be invested in the 12th Five-Year Plans to establish the new energy vehicle industry base whose output is expec.. more

Connecticut will Provide $3 Million for Large Solar Projects

The Connecticut government  said that will provide $3 million in grants to help build large solar energy projects. Qualifying solar power systems have to be at least 50 kilowatts in size - so home solar installations won't be covered. The average home array p.. more

U.S. Approves the World's Biggest Solar Power Project

The world's biggest solar power project was approved by the U.S. Interior Department, whose electricity is enough to power around 750,000 average American homes in southern California. The project, a joint venture of Solar Millennium AG and Ferrostaal AG.. more

Portugal will Launch the Electric Vehicle Charging Network in 2011

Portugal is planning to open the world's first nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging network early next year. By 2020, 10 percent of all vehicles are going to be replaced by electric cars in Portugal. "In the first half of 2011 in Portugal we will have .. more


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