Taiwan Officially Sets Renewable Energy Target, Aiming 20GW of PV Installations by 2025

President Tsai Ing-wen’s team is proactive in the green energy sector. A month after Tsai took office, the Minister of Economic Affairs went to the Legislative Yuan to report the renewable energy policy. The goal for PV installation is officially set at 20GW .. more

Taiwan Power Company to Develop 1GW of Solar PV Systems

Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) elaborated a 15-year investment plan to add 3.5GW of renewable energy generating facilities on the island of Taiwan. As part of the plan, Taipower proposed to develop 1GW of solar PV systems by 2030. Taipower’s TW$400 billion.. more

PV Poverty Alleviation Projects will Boom in China

China has announced the new solar PV installation target of 18.1GW this month, yet targets for poverty alleviation projects were not unveiled. EnergyTrend expected that 2~3GW of PV poverty alleviation projects will be implemented during this year depending to the natio.. more

Chinese Government Sets Annual PV Installation Target to 18.1GW This Year but Leaves Deadline in Limbo

China has finally set its domestic PV installation target for 2016. The country’s National Energy Administration (NEA) announced in early June that the country will add another 18.1GW to the domestic PV capacity over the 2016~2017 period. The 18.1GW target.. more

Germany Passes Reform of Renewable Enerrgy Source Act, FiT Subsidy to Phased out

German government officially passed the Renewable Energy Source Act (RESA) reform. In the future, it will terminate electricity generation Feed-in Tariffs (FiT) subsidy for large-scale solar and wind projects. German government hopes to.. more

China Aims to Install 18.1GW of Solar in 2016

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) unveiled the solar installation target for 2016, aiming to install 18.1GW of solar in this year. Nonetheless, the grid-connection due date and installation targets for distributed generation (DG) systems remained unan.. more

PSE&G Files for Extension to Solar 4 All® Program

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) to extend its successful Solar 4 All program. If approved, the extension will allow PSE&G to invest approximately $275 million to design and construct an additional 100MWdc of grid-co.. more


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