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Uncertainty of Germany’s Renewable Energy Highway

published 2014 年 02 月 10 日 14:52 | editor | category News
Almost a quarter of energy produced in Germany in 2013 was renewable energy, but there is a gap between northern and southern Germany as these two regions have different natural and social backgrounds. In order to even out this im...  more

U.S. Feed-in Tariffs will Increase PV Demand

published 2012 年 10 月 23 日 18:33 | editor | category Knowledge
By D.A. Barber Feed-in tariffs (FIT) have been the preferred policy in many regions of the world to help support investors to rapidly increase installation of renewable energy installations projects and markets. Under most FITs, h...  more

Australia’s Solar Succession Plan Receives Another Boost

published 2012 年 07 月 17 日 16:25 | editor | category News
The Australian Government today announced almost $1.3 million of funding for Australia’s next generation of solar researchers.  Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson AM MP, joined some of the grant recipien...  more

U.S. Solar Opposition to Tariffs Grows

published 2012 年 06 月 28 日 15:39 | editor | category Analysis
By D.A. Barber Solar Trade War Background The highly controversial U.S .trade case against China began on October 19, 2011, when the U.S. arm of Frankfurt-based SolarWorld and six other U.S. solar manufacturers filed a petition cl...  more