TSEC to Expand Production Capacity to 1.5GW, February 2017 the Soonest

Taiwan-based solar cell manufacturer TSEC announced to expand its solar cell production capacity by approximately 500MW. After the expansion, which would be completed in February 2017 to the soonest, TSEC will have a total capacity of 1.5.. more

Taiwan: Gintech Energy Reports -104.9% Gross Margin for 3Q16

The rapid demand cooling down in the third quarter of 2016 has put stress on many Chinese and Taiwanese solar companies. Taiwan’s tier-one solar manufacturer, Gintech Energy (Gintech), reported a gross margin of -104.9% due to weak demand.. more

NSP Invests in a Solar IPP Company For Stable Business Operation

Neo Solar Power (NSP), Taiwan’s top-tier PV manufacturer, has gradually recovered from the operating downturn caused by the plant relocation and has continued to expand its business range. The company has announced to sign o.. more

FSP Launches Energy Storage Solutions for Distributed PV Generation Systems

Distributed solar generation (DG) systems can fulfill power demand close to where they are built to strengthen the electricity accessibility of traditional power infrastructure. This feature has been winning DG systems with attractions in global solar markets. Taiwan-based.. more

Motech’s 3Q Financial Results Tumbled

Many Taiwanese solar cell vendors suffered from the extremely sluggish market demand in the third quarter of 2016 (3Q16) following China’s strongest installation rush in the history by June 30. Motech, a Taiwanese tier 1 solar cell manufacturer, announced a drastic f.. more

Moving Forward with a Focus On R&D: Exclusive interview with Heraeus

As the solar industry develops, competition is intensifying. Industry insiders are focused on costs and conversion efficiency. Yet the key to success lies in deploying industry-leading technology that is both high quality and reasonably priced. Heraeus Photovoltaics Global.. more

Taiwan to Become One of 10 Largest PV Markets Worldwide in 2017

Taiwan’s government has focused on expanding the island’s PV power generation as part of its plan to abandon nuclear power. In terms of targets, Taiwan aims to add 1.52GW of PV capacity between mid-2016 and mid-2018 and ultimately achieve a cumulative capacit.. more


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