Daqo New Energy Meets Full Utilization of Polysilicon Manufacturing

China solar-grade polysilicon manufacturer Daqo New Energy released the unaudited financial results for the first quarter of 2016. The company produced 3,405MT of polysilicon at full utilization of all manufacturing facilities. The full utilization also helped reduce aver.. more

REC Silicon to Restart FBR Production

REC Silicon ASA unveiled the financial results for the first quarter of 2016 along with an announcement of to restart FBR production this year. At full utilization rate, FBR’s cash cost could be reduced to as low as near US$10/kg. REC Silicon reported t.. more

Polysilicon Price Skyrocketed, While Prices in All Segments of PV Supply Chain Weakened: Price Trend

Aside from polysilicon that sees stronger prices, prices in all segment of PV supply chain have weakened. The industry will cool down after June 30th, where grid-connection will mostly be completed by then. Demand is expected to decrease, resulting in lower overall price.. more

Prices in All Segments of PV Supply Chain Weaken except Polysilicon Market

Seasonality and the end of installation rush in China have weakened prices of multi-Si products, from wafers to cells and modules, said Corrine Lin, assistant research manager for EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce. Polysilicon prices in China, on the other hand, ha.. more

Wuxi Suntech Suspected of Being Involved in Polysilicon Smuggling

Jyun Tang, CEO of Wuxi Suntech who assumed the post several months ago, has recently “vanished.” Rumors have that he has responded to government investigations of polysilicon smuggling cases. China imposed 53.3~57% anti-dumping duties on solar-grade polysili.. more

LONGi Signs to Buy SunEdison’s Wafer Plant and Polysilicon

SunEdison introduced the “asset-light strategy” to refocus its Solar Materials operations. LONGi, a China-based polysilicon and wafer maker, has signed to purchase the Kuching plant. At the same time, its subsidiary Lerri Solar also secured a multiple yea.. more

Daqo New Energy: Record Polysilicon Production, Low ASP in the Third Quarter 2015

Daqo New Energy announced the financial results for the third quarter of 2015. The newly expanded 2B polysilicon production capacity successfully increased its production volume to ramp up. Third Quarter 2015 Financial and Operating Highlights Polysilicon prod.. more


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