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Tesla Slams Right Into Overturned Truck While on Autopilot

published 2020 年 06 月 03 日 21:00 | editor | category News
On June 1, a Tesla has slammed into the roof of an overturned truck in Taiwan, while the Autopilot was allegedly on. This is yet another cautionary tale about why Autopilot is not all that “automatic”. We may still be years away from playing video games while sitting behind a wheel. ...  more

FreeWire Technologies Raises $25 Million in Financing

published 2020 年 04 月 27 日 12:00 | editor | category News
Funding led by BP Ventures, ABB Technology Ventures and Energy Innovation Capital accelerates expansion of FreeWire’s infrastructure-light ultrafast charging solutions FreeWire Technologies, a pioneer in delivering flexible and fu...  more

Has COVID-19 Destroyed Tesla’s Plans for Robotaxis?

published 2020 年 04 月 15 日 19:30 | editor | category News
Tesla is planning to bring Robotaxi to the world in 2020. But do you still need it in the post-COVID-19 world? Image by Dominick Vietor from Pixabay Elon Musk has tweeted recently that he is hopeful that Tesla’s Robotaxis will be ...  more