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Apple—the New Solar Energy Powerhouse with Annual Capacity to Charge 60 Billion Smartphones

published 2019 年 07 月 31 日 18:00 | editor | category News
According to the latest report of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Apple has successfully pushed Amazon out of the throne and became the biggest corporate American solar energy consumer. The tech giant has installed nearly 400 megawatts of solar capacity, generating enough electricity to charge more than 60 billion smartphones. ...  more

Tesla Solar Installation Plunges to a New Low While Batteries Soar

published 2019 年 07 月 30 日 18:23 | editor | category News
Tesla Solar’s performance is in a free fall. The installed capacity dropped to 47MW in Q1 2019. It fell again to the lowest point of 29MW in the second quarter, which is down 65% year-on-year. As the former champion of the American rooftop solar industry, what is Tesla to do to reverse the plunge? ...  more

PV Power Devices in Penghu Succumb to Salt Damage

published 2018 年 07 月 10 日 11:25 | editor | category News
PV power systems installed on offshore island Penghu, at airport and fishing port, among others, have been dismantled for repair and reinforcement, due to serious corrosion of frames caused by salt damage, only less th...  more

4th PERC Solar Cell and Bifacial Module Forum 2018

published 2018 年 05 月 22 日 16:18 | editor | category Event
Passivated emitter and rear cell(PERC) is becoming the new generation of solar cell technology. Mature manufacturing processes and low capital investment make PERC capacity easy to expand, coupled with the downstream market demand...  more

SNEC2018 to be held on May in Shanghai

published 2018 年 04 月 24 日 12:31 | editor | category Event
SNEC 12th (2018) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference will be held on May 28-30, 2018 at Shanghai New International Expo Center and the neighboring Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai. ...  more

REDAVIA Commissioned Largest Minigrid in Tanzania

published 2017 年 10 月 30 日 15:06 | editor | category News
REDAVIA, a global market leader of cost-effective, reliable rental solar power for businesses and communities, commissioned two minigrids in Isenzanya and Shitunguru, located in the Songwe region in western Tanzania. T...  more