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NJR Clean Energy Ventures Announces Rooftop Solar Project

published 2010 年 07 月 20 日 15:32 | editor | category News
NJR Clean Energy Ventures (NJRCEV), a subsidiary of New Jersey Resources (NYSE: NJR - News),  announced an agreement with Adler Development of Edison, NJ to lease space atop four, fully occupied buildings in central New Jer...  more

Solar Firm Brings World Cup to Africa's Largest Slum

published 2010 年 06 月 23 日 15:35 | editor | category News
Residents of Kibera, sub-Saharan Africa's largest slum settlement will have an opportunity to watch the FIFA 2010 World Cup live from South Africa, thanks to solar power technology developed by youths in the slums, with techni...  more

Solar, Wind Power May Meet 2020 Energy Use

published 2010 年 06 月 22 日 16:05 | editor | category News
Massive introduction of solar-thermal power plants and wind farms would allow Australia to generate all its energy needs from renewable technologies by 2020, research shows. The report, to be announced today by the retiri...  more

EnergyTrend 2010Q1 Industry Report - Solar Energy

published 2010 年 05 月 06 日 16:22 | editor | category Analysis
EnergyTrend 2010Q1 Industry Report - Solar Energy Energy security and energy supply concerns have become a national concern around the world. With reasons, such as the deterioration of the overall environment, the gradual depl...  more

Solar Panel Price

published 2010 年 04 月 02 日 14:50 | editor | category Price Trend
Solar Cell Price EnergyTrend collects statistics of solar cell prices, which are published in the middle of a month, providing a market reference index for solar energy related enterprises, organizations and artificial pe...  more