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Fisker Automotive Heads to Sema with New Aftermarket Partners

published 2012 年 10 月 23 日 14:56 | editor | category News
Fisker Automotive,the leading manufacturer of luxury Electric Vehicles with extended-range (EVer™), has established new partnerships with global aftermarket suppliers to give owners more ways to maximize, personalize and pr...  more

Media Statements Regarding Karma Incident in Woodside

published 2012 年 08 月 14 日 15:13 | editor | category News
Fisker engineers, working with independent investigators from Pacific Rim Investigative Group, have begun preliminary examination and testing on the Karma involved in a fire in Woodside, California Friday. Evidence revealed t...  more

Fisker Automotive Refutes Incorrect Safety Claims by Autobild Mag.

published 2012 年 07 月 03 日 16:09 | editor | category News
Fisker Automotive, the U.S. pioneer of extended-range luxury battery-electric cars, refuted allegations in Autobild, the German auto magazine, that its Karma model represented a higher fire risk than any other automobile. Since de...  more

Fisker Automotive Enters Quebec Market

published 2012 年 06 月 07 日 14:48 | editor | category News
Fisker Automotive, the leading manufacturer of luxury Electric Vehicles with extended range, will market and service its cars in Montreal, Quebec through one of the most prestigious retailers in Canada. Fisker of Montreal, the fir...  more

Fisker Automotive Issues Inaugural Business Update

published 2012 年 05 月 30 日 15:26 | editor | category News
Fisker Automotive, the leading manufacturer of luxury Electric Vehicles with extended range (EVer™), today published its first business update by announcing that revenues had exceeded $100 million in the first four months of...  more

Fisker Automotive Signs Supplier Agreement with BMW

published 2011 年 09 月 08 日 14:29 | editor | category News
Fisker Automotive announced the signing of an agreement with BMW that will cover the supply of engines and other components for future Fisker models. BMW will supply a four-cylinder turbocharged engine for the next generation ...  more

Fisker Automotive Gets $528.7 Million in Department of Energy

published 2010 年 05 月 12 日 14:27 | editor | category News
The U.S. Department of Energy has approved a $528.7-million funding package for Fisker Automotive. Granted under provisions of the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program, a portion of the monies will be used to help u...  more