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Nissan Canada Opens LEAF Reservations to General Public

published 2011 年 12 月 14 日 14:42 | editor | category News
Nissan Canada announced it will open its online reservation system to the general public for the remaining allocation of its model year 2012 Nissan LEAFs. Previously only available to those registered on www.nissan.ca/leaf, reserv...  more

Nissan and Dongfeng Motor Deliver Nissan LEAF to Guangzhou

published 2011 年 12 月 08 日 15:25 | editor | category News
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Nissan) and Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. (DFL), Nissan's joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Group, delivered 15 units of the 100% electric Nissan LEAF to the Guangzhou Municipal Government. This was done bas...  more

Nissan Expands LEAF Availability into New U.S. Markets

published 2011 年 12 月 07 日 15:14 | editor | category News
Days before the one-year anniversary of the world’s first Nissan LEAF delivery on Dec. 11, Nissan North America Inc. (NNA) expands availability of the all-electric LEAF into new U.S. markets. After one year and 20,000 global...  more

Nismo Concept Reveals a Different Side to Nissan LEAF

published 2011 年 12 月 06 日 14:55 | editor | category News
Nismo, the renowned motorsports arm of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., has revealed its second road car concept at this years Tokyo Motor Show. This time it's the award-winning, game-changing, Nissan Leaf EV that has come under the Ni...  more

Nissan Begins Japan Sales of New Quick Charger for Evs

published 2011 年 11 月 30 日 15:52 | editor | category News
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it is commencing sales of its new quick charger on November 30 at Nissan parts companies throughout Japan. The newly-developed quick charging unit retains the high performance of the current q...  more

Renault-Nissan Alliance Zero-Emission Cars at COP17 in South Africa

published 2011 年 11 月 28 日 16:20 | editor | category News
A dozen electric cars from the Renault-Nissan Alliance will highlight the benefits of green transportation and will provide zero-emission* shuttle services for delegates at the 2011 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durb...  more

Nissan Delivers 100% Electric Nissan LEAF to Wuhan

published 2011 年 11 月 17 日 14:48 | editor | category News
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and the Wuhan Municipal Government are moving forward with elements of the previously announced Pilot Program to promote zero emission mobility. Recently, the city of Wuhan accepted the delivery of 15 Nissan...  more