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Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors Expand OEM Business in Japan

published 2011 年 09 月 27 日 16:00 | editor | category News
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation have announced that the two companies have agreed to expand the scope of their OEM supply agreements in the Japanese market as follows: Nissan will provide the Fuga lu...  more

Nissan Gets OK to Sell Electric Car LEAF in China

published 2011 年 09 月 15 日 15:58 | editor | category News
Nissan Motor has received approval from China to sell its electric vehicle Leaf there, and is prepared to export the model from Japan, Kimiyasu Nakamura, president of Nissan's China joint venture, told reporters on Tuesday. ...  more

Nissan Develops New Quick Charger for Electric Vehicles

published 2011 年 09 月 13 日 15:28 | editor | category News
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. revealed its new quick charger to the public and announced plans for this proprietary technology to go on sale in November 2011 at Nissan parts companies throughout Japan. The newly-developed quick charg...  more

Sales of 100% Electric Nissan LEAF to Start in Sweden

published 2011 年 09 月 13 日 15:06 | editor | category News
Nissan LEAF has finally arrived in Stockholm. In the coming week, the award-winning vehicle is available for test drives for everyone in Medborgarplatsen in the centre of Stockholm. The Nissan LEAF tour is just a teaser of what ...  more

Nissan Canada Delivers Canada's First 100% Electric Nissan Leaf

published 2011 年 08 月 01 日 14:58 | editor | category News
Nissan Canada made history when it delivered the first all-electric Nissan LEAF in Canada, signaling the arrival of sustainable mobility to the Canadian mass market. PowerStream, the second largest municipally-owned electricity ...  more