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SolarCity Launches Service in Austin, Texas

published 2016 年 09 月 09 日 15:36 | editor | category News
SolarCity is expanding its service and operations in Texas by making its popular solar service available to homeowners in Austin for the first time. Customers in Austin can now go solar for as little as $50 per month, with design,...  more

SolarCity Unveiled to Cut 108 Jobs

published 2016 年 08 月 25 日 18:20 | editor | category News
SolarCity, U.S.’s leading provider of rooftop PV systems for household, is reported to lay off 108 employees from offices in California. This is not far from Tesla announced to acquire it. SolarCity’s finan...  more

Tesla to Buy SolarCity in Q4 for US$2.6 Billion

published 2016 年 08 月 08 日 18:27 | editor | category News
Tesla Motor Inc. on August 1st announced it had reached an agreement to acquire SolarCity in an all-stock offer valued at US$2.6 billion, with approximate US$ 25.37 a share, in Q4. SolarCity shareholders will receive 0...  more

SolarCity Raises $345 Million to Finance New Solar Projects

published 2016 年 07 月 19 日 17:20 | editor | category News
SolarCity raised $345 million in tax equity from four separate partners in June and July to finance new solar projects. The financing facilities cover the capital cost of new equipment and installations, and make it possible for c...  more

SolarCity and PG&E Collaborate on Distributed Solar

published 2016 年 07 月 13 日 17:05 | editor | category News
SolarCity announced a collaboration with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to demonstrate how the coordinated use of solar smart inverters and behind the meter energy storage could provide enhanced benefits t...  more