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Your Monday Briefings: All the Solar News (Week 7)

published 2020 年 02 月 10 日 18:30 | editor | category News
Regional Markets China Coronavirus impact on the solar panel price Due to the outbreak, many companies and manufacturers have to extend their Spring Festival holidays. There are already signs of shortage in wafers and solar gl...  more

[In-Depth Report] 5 Reasons Why Trina Solar’s IPO Is Postponed

published 2020 年 01 月 15 日 10:00 | editor | category News
Trina Solar, one of the largest solar powerhouses in the world, tried to apply for IPO in China, which was expected to be clear sailing for the company. However, the Sci-Tech Innovation Board, China’s equivalent to NASDAQ, has not approved Trina’s application. The status is now “postponed.” ...  more

China's Price Report of PV Supply Chain (NOV~DEC 2019)

published 2020 年 01 月 08 日 21:00 | editor | category Price Trend
According to the latest data from EnergyTrend, the Green Energy Research Division from TrendForce, the average spot price of polysilicon in Mainland China 2019 fell from RMB59.75 /KG in November to RMB53 /KG in December, which has shown a significant decrease of 11.3%. ...  more

The Top 7 Most Read EnergyTrend Articles in 2019

published 2019 年 12 月 31 日 18:06 | editor | category News
2019 has been an eventful year. As the end of the year approaches, the EnergyTrend editorial team looks back on the top 7 most read articles on the site. Image by Juned Alam from Pixabay 7 [2019 Digital Solar & Storage] 5G Pow...  more