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SolarWorld Shifts to Rail-Free Quick Mount PV Systems

published 2015 年 08 月 21 日 17:12 | editor | category News
SolarWorld announced its alignment with an industry trend away from use of long rails in mounting solar panels and toward rail-free racking in light of the latter’s cost savings in materials, labor, storage and s...  more

SolarWorld Jumps to Five-Bus-Bar Solar PV Panels

published 2015 年 05 月 05 日 11:20 | editor | category News
SolarWorld continues improving its solar panels’ output efficiency. In addition to introducing PERC technology, the company announced to jump from three to five bus bars for even higher-efficiency cells. SolarWorld believes ...  more

SolarWorld’s Revenue Increased 50% in 1Q15

published 2015 年 04 月 28 日 16:32 | editor | category News
SolarWorld AG has released its financial results for the first quarter of 2015. The company shipped 202MW of PV modules in the quarter, representing a 44% increase compared to the 140MW shipment in 1Q14. Its performance therefore ...  more