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Nissan LEAF on Road across Europe’s Classical Sites

published 2016 年 08 月 26 日 17:07 | editor | category News
The 100 percent electric Nissan LEAF has taken to the roads of Europe for an all-electric Grand Tour, travelling across Europe’s most breath-taking rural and coastal driving routes. The epic journey saw the Nissa...  more

Nissan Has Sold More Than 60,000 LEAF EVs in the US

published 2014 年 09 月 16 日 14:10 | editor | category News
More than 60,000 U.S. consumers have “kicked gas” and are now driving the all-electric Nissan LEAF. To celebrate National Drive Electric Week, held Sept. 15-21, Nissan is the exclusive automotive sponsor fo...  more

100% Electric Nissan Leaf to Go on Sale in Norway This Autumn

published 2011 年 07 月 07 日 14:50 | editor | category News
The 100% electric Nissan LEAF will go on sale in Norway this autumn, making Norway the ninth market in Europe to launch the award-winning, zero-emission vehicle. At 255,000 NOK, the European and World Car of the Year will cost ...  more

Nissan Introduces New ICT System for EVs in All-New Nissan LEAF

published 2010 年 11 月 02 日 15:56 | editor | category News
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced it will introduce an Information and Communication Technology system (ICT) for electric vehicles (EVs). The system will be implemented with the all-new Nissan LEAF, slated to go on sale in Japan ...  more