Everlight Chemical: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells to Bring Innovation to the Next-Generation Solar Products

Recently, due to that silicon-based solar technology has entered a mature stage, the spotlight has been shifting to other solar technologies as the market is pursuing more innovations. EnergyTrend conducted an interview with Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation, which.. more

Sunner Solar: Customization is the Key to Making Inroads into Soaring Thin-Film Solar Market

By Lowy Chang Despite the uncertain outlook of the solar industry, a number of manufacturers are still optimistic about its future prospects, especially the thin film solar technologies having been receiving increasing interest. EnergyTrend conducted an exclusive interview.. more

Tainergy's IPO: A Leg Up on the Global Stage

With the booming growth of the global solar industry, manufacturers of up, mid and downstream have been aggressively developing their businesses. Tainergy is a professional solar cell manufacturer invested and founded by Kenmec Mechanical Engineering Co. in 2007, in an atte.. more

Formosa Energy & Material Technology Co. Product Release Latest LFP / LFPO Battery Power System

Due to a cut of 15% in carbon emission reduction by 2015, the transportation and power system has been focused in the energy policy plan. The electric vehicle and renewable energy industry development also have great potential in Taiwan to become the next trillions of business.. more

Hanwha SolarOne will Continue to Focus on Vertical Integration

EnergyTrend recently had the honor to interview the vice president of technology of Hanwha Solarone, Dr. Mohan Narayanan, at SNEC, one of the largest PV exhibitions in the world. In the interview, Dr. Mohan Narayanan explains their efforts and achievements in the.. more


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