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Trend of PV Products’ Spot Prices Remains Flat

published 2015 年 04 月 02 日 23:02 | editor | category Price Trend
During this week, the PV supply chain performed a wait-and-see attitude like previous weeks, and the trend of spot prices of PV products remained flat. Through the recent downturn of the price trend, PV manufacturers h...  more

Global PV Installation Reaches 177GW: IEA PVPS

published 2015 年 04 月 01 日 18:04 | editor | category News
International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA PVPS) has published the latest report on global PV markets, Snapshot of Global PV Markets (The “Report”). The Report notes that the glob...  more

Global Solar Market May Triple by 2018, says EPIA

published 2014 年 06 月 04 日 18:06 | editor | category News
With at least 38.4GW of newly-installed solar PV capacity worldwide and a global cumulative installed capacity of 138.9 GW, 2013 was another historic year for solar PV technology, says in European Photovoltaic Industry Association...  more

Record-year for Asian PV Markets in 2013: EPIA

published 2014 年 03 月 10 日 11:25 | editor | category News
With at least 37 GW of newly-added capacity globally, 2013 was another record-year for PV installations. The internationalisation trend of PV markets already observed in 2012 accentuated in 2013, with Asia taking the lead over Eur...  more