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Hypersolar's New Technology Ups Efficiency of Solar Panels By 300%

published 2011 年 02 月 17 日 15:11 | editor | category News
The U.S. government has moved in recent years to prop up the domestic solar industry through generous incentives, but as those subsidies slowly dry up solar producers are working to increase efficiency as a way to cut costs and ...  more

Sanyo Introduced the Eneloop Portable Solar Panels

published 2010 年 09 月 30 日 16:32 | editor | category News
Sanyo recently introduced their new products Eneloop Portable Solar Panel on their website, which can be used as a power source for laptops, USB devices, handheld games or cell phones. The Sanyo Eneloop Portable Solar Panel is...  more

California Supermarkets Adopt Solar Panels to Cut Energy Costs

published 2010 年 07 月 09 日 15:41 | editor | category News
Large retail companies in many states are finding that solar panels are just the thing to help them cut down on their considerable energy costs. Over the past couple of years, retail giants like Wal-Mart have made news by addin...  more

Suntech Provides Solar Panels To 19 Remote Schools In Lebanon

published 2010 年 06 月 25 日 14:46 | editor | category News
The world's largest producer of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules has supplied almost 20 Lebanese schools with supplies to let them utilize solar energy through the sponsorship of the Country Energy Efficiency and Ren...  more

Suntech Solar Panels Certified for Ammonia Resistance

published 2010 年 06 月 09 日 14:57 | editor | category News
Farmers and those involved in the agriculture sector may find solar energy investments more attractive than ever in light of some recently announced testing from a leading solar company. According to Suntech Power Holdings, all...  more