Section 201 Tariff on Solar Imports to Have Less Impact on Operations in China vs. Elsewhere While Providing Advantage to Taiwanese Cell Makers

The US government announced on 22 January 2018 (local time) that it will impose a 30% safeguard tariff on imported solar photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules. The tariff is based on the recommendations from the US International Trade Commission (ITC) and in accordan.. more

China Imposes 4.4%-113.8% Antidumping Duty on Korean-Made Polysilicon

On Nov. 21, China's Ministry of Commerce publicized the outcome of its antidumping investigation against Korean-made PV polysilicon, confirming its dumping practice on the Chinese market. EnergyTrend analysts believe the finding will not impact polysilicon export a.. more

ITC Rules in Favor of Relief from Solar Imports Under Section 201; EnergyTrend Anticipates U.S. PV Demand for 2018 to Be Cut in Half

The U.S. International Commission (ITC) announced on September 22 (local time) that it has accepted Suniva’s petition to seek relief against all solar imports under Section 201 of the 1974 Trade Act. Following the affirmation of Suniva’s claim, ITC w.. more

REC Silicon Might Shut Down US Polysilicon Manufacturing Facility Due to Trade Disputes

REC Silicon ASA (REC Silicon) might shut down its polysilicon manufacturing plant in Moses Lake, Washington U.S.A. if China continued the 57% duty on the polysilicon imports. Approximately 400 of the current 720 employees would be l.. more

EU Doubles Anti-dumping Tariff Levels on China-imposed Solar Glass

The EU has decided to impose anti-dumping and countervailing duties (AD and CVD) on China-imported solar glass in early August. While the European Commission announced the new AD rates that double the level up to 75.4%. EU ProSun G.. more

Australia Concludes PV Dumping from China “Negligible”

Australia has announced its conclusion for anti-dumping investigation against alleged dumping of certain crystalline silicon PV modules/panels or goods from China. In the statement of essential facts (SEF) related to the Anti-Dumping Commission’s (the Commission.. more

EU-China Poly Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Case can Finally be Resolved

China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) announced on March 20th that Head of Bureau of Fair Trade for Imports and Exports disclosed that the EU-China poly anti-dumping and countervailing case has been settled. On March 14th, the representative o.. more


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