Tesla Unveils New Patented Battery Swap Technology

Tesla appears to have taken a major step forward in pushing the popularity of electric cars with the rollout of "battery swap system and technology," helping drivers overcome the headache of time-consuming battery recharging. Tesla alread.. more

Tesla to Expand Urban Charging Network

Aside from adding new Superchargers or residential charging facilities, Tesla recently announced it will set up more downtown charging points in some large cities in the United States, so as to provide more convenient charging options for drivers.. more

Tesla Is Sure to Increase the Capacity of Model 3 by Raising US$1.5 Billion

On August 7, 2017, EV manufacturer Tesla claimed that they will raise US$1.5 billion in a bond offering to increase the capacity of Model 3. According to Tesla's financial report, the company's expense of Q2 in 2017 reached up to U.. more

Tesla Plans 10 to 20 More Gigafactories Worldwide

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla Inc., announced to build 10 to 20 more Gigafactories around the world in the future to fulfill the market. He also revealed that Tesla will select locations for three to four more upcoming factories. Elo.. more

Elon Musk Renames Tesla Motors to Expand Clean Energy Business

After Tesla Motors acquired SolarCity, the name of Tesla Motors has been changed to Tesla Inc. on February 1st 2017. Tesla Inc. will be focusing on providing clean energy service.   Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, an.. more

Panasonic and Tesla to Relaunch Solar Cell/Module Production in New York Plant

Japan-based Panasonic and U.S.-based Tesla Motors announced a new production collaboration on the relaunch of SolarCity’s solar cell/module manufacturing plant in Buffalo, New York, following the Gigafactory project in Nevada. Nik.. more

Tesla Completes Acquisition of SolarCity, Forming a Clean Energy Empire

Tesla announced the completion of its acquisition of SolarCity on November 21st after 85% of shareholders from SolarCity voted in favor of Tesla. This will allow Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, to have a more complete integration for.. more


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