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Tesla Unveils New Patented Battery Swap Technology

published 2017 年 09 月 27 日 14:29 | editor | category News
Tesla appears to have taken a major step forward in pushing the popularity of electric cars with the rollout of "battery swap system and technology," helping drivers overcome the headache of time-consuming ba...  more

Tesla to Expand Urban Charging Network

published 2017 年 09 月 15 日 10:47 | editor | category News
Aside from adding new Superchargers or residential charging facilities, Tesla recently announced it will set up more downtown charging points in some large cities in the United States, so as to provide more convenient ...  more

Tesla Plans 10 to 20 More Gigafactories Worldwide

published 2017 年 06 月 14 日 15:52 | editor | category News
Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla Inc., announced to build 10 to 20 more Gigafactories around the world in the future to fulfill the market. He also revealed that Tesla will select locations for three to four more up...  more