With Prices Declining Significantly, Suppliers are Conservative toward Demand in April: Price Trend

The Chinese market continues to witness weak demand in March because installation boom hasn’t appeared as anticipated. According to EnergyTrend’s observation, the lower-than-expected Chinese demand from February to M.. more

Multi-Si Cell Market Reaches Ceiling Price, While Mono-Si Continues to See High Demand: Price Trend

Due to the reduced number of multi-Si orders, multi-Si products will no longer witness increasing prices within mid-sectors of the supply chain this week. EnergyTrend believes multi-Si wafers and cells will soon suffer from slight decline. Prices for mono-Si products w.. more

Trina Solar’s Multi-si PERC Cells Reach 20.16% Efficiency, Multi-si DP Cells 18.7%

Chinese tier-one PV manufacturer Trina Solar announced new breakthroughs in increasing conversion efficiencies PV cells on mass production basis. The P-type industrially-produced multi-si PERC cells’ average efficiency reached 20.16%, while the commercially-pro.. more

Efficiency of Multi-si P-Type Cell Reaches 21.25%; CP Ratio of Packaged Module Matters to Sale

Trina Solar successfully increased its multi-si p-type PV cell’s conversion efficiency up to 21.25%, higher than its previous record 20.76% reached in late 2014. The record-breaking 156×156 mm2 solar cell has been independently confirmed by the Fraunhofer ISE.. more

Hanwha Q CELLS Reaches 19.1% Efficiency by 1366’s Direct Wafer

Hanwha Q CELLS and 1366 Technologies co-develop multi-si PV cells with conversion efficiency up to 19.1%. The result proves that Q CELLS’ Q.ANTUM Technology and 1366 Technologies’ Direct Wafer are able to upgrade the power performance of PV.. more

JA Solar Sets Power Output Record for 60-cell Multi-Si PV Modules, Above 280W

JA Solar has successfully set a new record for its solar modules assembled by 60 multi-crystalline silicon (multi-Si) cells, reaching a new milestone of above 280 W. This newly achieved result, which has been independently confirmed and certified by TUV Rheinland of G.. more

JA Solar’s Multi-si PV Cells Reach a 20% Conversion Efficiency Record

JA Solar has created multi-si solar PV cells surpassing 20% conversion efficiency. The achievement was announced only nine months after the research team had achieved 19% efficiency. Through using advanced proprietary light trapping and surface passivation technologies, t.. more


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