Reliable iPV Tracker Can Maximize Efficiency of a PV Power Plant

PV-generated electricity is seeing rising market demand and falling cost. Once PV generation has achieved grid parity, it will become one of the most competitive source of energy on the market, creating additional demand and environmental benefits. With the goal of grid .. more

Array Technologies and BayWa r.e. Partner for Delivering 1GW of Solar Tracker

Array Technologies, Inc. (ATI), the supplier of solar tracking systems, and renewable energy company, BayWa r.e., have entered into a master supply agreement to drive execution on over 1GW of solar trackers for delivery to projects in the United States and Mexico. T.. more

Scorpius Trackers Aiming 2GW of Annual Shipment: SNEC 2016

The global demand for solar PV systems has been growing, and PV vendors continue to launch high P/C value products that can improve power efficiency. Recently, solar tracking system has been catching the market’s eye as a high performanc.. more

BIG SUN Introduces iPV Tracker’s Six Tips to Earn Profit

Taiwan-based company BIG SUN Group demonstrates how does its self-developed solar tracking system, iPV Tracker, earn profit through six tips in this year’s SNEC trade show took place in Shanghai, China. With the tips, the tiny .. more

Georgia Power and University of Georgia to Test Solar Tracking Systems

To test the power output efficiency of solar tracking system in real world, Georgia Power cooperated with researchers at University of Georgia (UGA) to build a 1MW solar tracking demonstration project in a land in Athens, Georgia owned by .. more

Array Technologies Commissions Four Solar Tracking Sites in California

The large solar tracking solutions company, Array Technologies, Inc. (ATI), and nationally recognized construction firm Swinerton Renewable Energy have announced the completion of four solar projects located deep in the heart of the California desert. The four utilit.. more


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