Gintech’s PERC Cell Reaches Record-high Efficiency, 21.44%

Gintech Energy, a Taiwanese PV cell manufacturer, has successfully increased the average efficiency of self-developed PERC cell to greater than 21.10% with a maximal efficiency of 21.44%. The record has been certificated by The Industrial Technology Research Instit.. more

Trina Solar’s Mono-si PERC PV Cell Hits 22.13% Efficiency Record

Trina Solar’s PV cell technology hit another efficiency record. Its Honey Plus p-type mono-crystalline silicon PV cells reached a record-high conversion efficiency of 22.13% at its State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology of China. The record-brea.. more

Cost and Efficiency Are Keys to Mono-Si Market Growth in 2016

The sluggish growth of the mono-Si market this year is notable given the fact that many cell manufacturers had switched from multi-Si to mono-Si production in the second half of 2014. Statistical research conducted by EnergyTrend for the 2015 PV market finds that even th.. more

Zhongli Talesun Begins 500MW PERC Production in Thailand

Zhongli Talesun is one of the first Chinese PV manufacturers to choose to build production site in Thailand. The manufacturing site would produce passivated emitter and rear cell (PERC) technology for its new ‘Hipro’ 285W.. more

Efficiency of Multi-si P-Type Cell Reaches 21.25%; CP Ratio of Packaged Module Matters to Sale

Trina Solar successfully increased its multi-si p-type PV cell’s conversion efficiency up to 21.25%, higher than its previous record 20.76% reached in late 2014. The record-breaking 156×156 mm2 solar cell has been independently confirmed by the Fraunhofer ISE.. more

1366 Technologies’ Direct Wafer Leads to 19.1% Efficiency Multi-si PERC Cells

1366 Technologies announced a series of new performance records for its kerfless, drop-in 156mm multi-crystalline wafers, including a champion result of 19.1% on an industrial line. The result was independently verified by the Fraunhofer ISE. Customers using 1366’s p.. more

Mono-Si Market is the Only Exception to A Hot PV Sector: EnergyTrend

Soaring demand from China, Japan and the U.S. ensures that the first-tier photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturers are booked in orders up to the first quarter of 2016. Currently, prices are rising for all multi-Si products from wafers to cells and modules, with wafers hav.. more


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