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7 Visionaries Shaping The Future Of Transportation

published 2020 年 05 月 03 日 21:30 | editor | category News
This is the age of wild rides that are transforming the personal transportation sector into something worth more than ever. We not only have the soon-to-be-available space tourism, but we've also got the even more futuristic colon...  more

Rent Solar to the Rescue of Tesla’s Troubled Solar Business

published 2019 年 08 月 23 日 18:10 | editor | category News
Credit: Tesla Tesla has launched Rent Solar, a solar rental service, hoping to make a comeback in the solar industry. The customers can enjoy green energy for just US$50 a month, without having to shoulder the upfront cost of the solar energy installation. ...  more

Tesla Plans 10 to 20 More Gigafactories Worldwide

published 2017 年 06 月 14 日 15:52 | editor | category News
Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla Inc., announced to build 10 to 20 more Gigafactories around the world in the future to fulfill the market. He also revealed that Tesla will select locations for three to four more up...  more

Tesla to Buy SolarCity in Q4 for US$2.6 Billion

published 2016 年 08 月 08 日 18:27 | editor | category News
Tesla Motor Inc. on August 1st announced it had reached an agreement to acquire SolarCity in an all-stock offer valued at US$2.6 billion, with approximate US$ 25.37 a share, in Q4. SolarCity shareholders will receive 0...  more

Weekly Review April 27th ~ May 8th

published 2015 年 05 月 08 日 17:46 | editor | category News
As EnergyTrend expected, the PV demand in China officially started boosting after the 2015 SNEC convention hosted in Shanghai, China. The strong demand might help balance the PV supply chains’ spot prices. Meanwhile, the glo...  more

The Future Elon Musk Unveils along with Powerwall

published 2015 年 05 月 05 日 18:20 | editor | category News
Energy Storage Systems will be the crucial segment for the renewable energy industry, so expected widely. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SolarCity, has unveiled the company’s latest product line, Powerwall and Powerpack lit...  more