LONGi Solar's 60-cell Hi-MO1 Module Reaches 325.6W Record

Recently LONGi Solar received a test report from TUV Rheinland that its latest 60 cell Hi-MO1 module achieved a power output of 325.6W under standard testing conditions (STC) with the conversion efficiency reaching 19.91%. This is an.. more

Natcore Surpasses 20% Efficiency with Laser-Based Solar Cell Structure

Scientists at Natcore Technology have achieved an efficiency of 20.7% in their latest demonstration solar cell. Their result has received independent confirmation at the NanoPower Research Lab of the Rochester Institute of Technology. Nat.. more

Higher yield of solar wafers and enhanced solar cell efficiency with new HeraGlaze© coating by Heraeus

Heraeus Photovoltaics, the worldwide leading supplier of metallization solutions to the PV industry, introduced HeraGlaze, a high-purity SiO2 diffusion barrier coating for enhanced crucible performance in wafer production. It is the first pro.. more

Efficiency of Multi-junction Silicon Solar Cell Exceeds 30%: Fraunhofer ISE

Silicon-based solar cells dominates today’s solar energy industry, while this technology has difficulty in bringing the conversion efficiency beyond 23% for commercialized solar cells in mass production. In order to break the efficiency limit,.. more

EnergyTrend: PERC shows its worth

PERC deployment: The solar industry remains sweet on passivated emitter rear cell (PERC) technology, which continues to enjoy increasing production volumes thanks to its excellent cost-performance ratio, writes Corrine Lin, PV analyst at EnergyTrend. Diminishing .. more

Intevac Receives MATRIX PVD System Order from Top Tier Solar Cell Manufacturer

Intevac, Inc., a major supplier of thin-film deposition equipment to the vacuum coating industry, announced on September 3rd the order of an INTEVAC MATRIX™ thin-film processing system, by a Tier 1 solar cell manufacturer, for high-efficiency photovoltaic (.. more

Suntech Solar Cell Efficiency Reaches a New High

Wuxi Suntech, a subsidiary of Shunfeng International Clean Energy, Ltd., has achieved a new round of efficiency breakthroughs for its silicon solar cells. The Hypro modules that use these solar cells, together with Sunways inverters, will contribute significantly to the.. more


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