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China Raises Quota for PV Subsidies for 2016

published 2016 年 12 月 29 日 17:19 | editor | category News
China's National Energy Administration (NEA) announced to receive additional capacity target for PV projects for 2016, filed by provinces, region, or municipality by up to 1GW each, in order to cope with surge in s...  more

China Aims to Install 18.1GW of Solar in 2016

published 2016 年 06 月 13 日 18:28 | editor | category News
China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) unveiled the solar installation target for 2016, aiming to install 18.1GW of solar in this year. Nonetheless, the grid-connection due date and installation targets for distributed...  more

India Sets Timeline for the 100GW Target by 2022

published 2015 年 08 月 26 日 14:11 | editor | category News
India’s National Solar Mission targets on installing 20GW of solar by 2022, while the original target has been revised to 100GW, including 40GW rooftop solar power capacity and 57GW utility-scale solar power plants. The revi...  more