JA Solar reports Fire on 6% of Its Capacity in China and 50MW of Module Shipment to Malaysia

JA Solar’s cell plant had a fire at midnight on July 13, which was estimated to influence 6% of JA Solar’s total cell capacity. In addition, JA Solar has won a 50MW module supply agreement to Malaysia’s first large-scal.. more

REC Silicon Estimates FBR Capacity Reduction Due to Fire Incident

Polysilicon manufacturer REC Silicon reported FBR production capacity reduction for the third quarter after a fire incident occurred in a silane facility in Moses Lake on July 1. On July 1, during the startup of REC Solar’s Silane IV facility an oil fir.. more

Motech’s Taiwan Fab Caught Fire, Property Damage to be Estimated

Taiwan PV cell manufacturer Motech’s fab in Southern Taiwan Science Park, Tainan was on fire at night on November 5th (TST). The flame was declared under control by around eleven twenty and there was no casualty. However, Motech’s cell production will .. more

[Update] A Raw Material Processing Workshop in JinkoSolar’s Jianxi Factory Hit by a Fire Accident

On the morning of March 17, a JinkoSolar’s raw material processing workshop in China got fire. The fire appeared on around 6 a.m. local time and was extinguished before 10 a.m. The company has been conducting investigations on the fire cause and actual losses, and .. more

[Update] Extent of Damage at Gigastorage Factory Remains Unclear following Midnight Fire Accident

(Update on Gigastorage's announcement) A fire accident occurred at 4am this morning at Gigastorage’s factories located in Hsinchu industrial zone, Hukou, according to the report from Apple Daily. The fire has been extinguished.. more


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