Azuri Collects €160,000 for PayGo Solar via Crowdfunding

Azuri Technologies is delighted to announce that a TRINE crowdfunding project to bring clean energy to an estimated six thousand people in Kenya has been successfully funded. The KES 17m of debt finance will enable Azuri’s partner .. more

Trip by Solar! PowerFilm is Launching Campaign for Portable Solar Charger

It’s necessary yet inconvenience to bring portable batteries with you when you are in the great outdoors if don’t want to miss any message transmitted through your mobile devices. Iowa-based startup PowerFilm is listening, and has crea.. more

ToyLabs Launches a Campaign for World’s First DIY Solar Airplane Kit for Kids

The world’s first solar-powered airplane science project kit for kids is launched on kickstarter by ToyLabs, Inc., a Silicon Valley start-up that specializes in educational, build-and-play projects that teach kids the fundamental principle.. more

ShareRoller Turns any Bike into an E-Bike & any Scooter into an E-Scooter

What if one compact device could add electric power to everything you ride in seconds? ShareRoller announced an Indiegogo campaign that will bring the world's first removable and portable electric assist for bicycles, kickscooters and bike sha.. more

Daymak’s Electric “Solar Photon Scooter” Now Available on Kickstarter

This could be the world’s smallest electric vehicle – and it is solar-powered! Daymak’s innovation, Solar Photo Scooter, is now available on Kickstarter for people to fund for the green, eco-friendly, and multi-functional scoot.. more

SolarLayer, Solar Panels for Every Surface

How do you think about solar panels? They are blue, they are square-shaped, and they are rigid – or thin-film solar panels, which are mostly black, long and bendable. Both kinds of solar panels are usually installed on rooftops or ground-mounted. However, people’s.. more

European Crowdfunded Solar Project Chooses WINAICO’s PV Modules

The Berwickshire residential PV project is a large housing project in Scotland, UK. Recently, the project has decided to use WINAICO’s PV module. The PV project is the largest crowdfunded solar project in Europe, aiming to install 2.6MW of solar power.. more


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