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Obama’s Solar Plan Targets the Western U.S.

published 2012 年 02 月 14 日 15:25 | editor | category Analysis
By D. A. Barber In his “State-of-the-Union” address presented to Congress on January 24, 2012, U.S. President Barack Obama called for an "all-of-the-above" energy policy stressing the need to develop both tr...  more

IKEA to Install Solar Panels at Suburban Pittsburgh Store

published 2012 年 02 月 03 日 14:09 | editor | category News
RobinsonTownship’s IKEA is helping Pittsburgh become more “green.” The company announced it will be installing solar panels at an additional 20 of its 44 U.S. stores, including the one in Robinson Township. ...  more

West Chester’s IKEA Activates Solar Energy System

published 2012 年 02 月 03 日 14:00 | editor | category News
The IKEA in West Chester is now powering its lights, operating its cash registers and cooking its Swedish meatballs using a solar energy system that is located on the store’s rooftop. Heather Spatz, West Chester’s IKEA...  more

Dyesol Announces OTCQX Quotation in USA

published 2012 年 02 月 02 日 9:26 | editor | category News
In response to increased US investor enquiries and as part of a determined bid to diversify its shareholder base and increase liquidity, dye sensitized solar cell frontrunner,  Dyesol Limited (ASX:DYE, FWB: D5I, OTCQX:DYSOY),...  more