Next Energy Technologies Awarded $2.5 Million From the US Department of Energy to Commercialize Low-Cost Transparent Solar Cells

Next Energy Technologies Inc. (NEXT), a solar technology company developing transparent energy harvesting coatings for seamless integration into commercial windows, announced that they were selected to receive a $2,500,000 award from the U.S.. more

Ultra-Thin Solar Cells That Can Bend Around a Pencil

Scientists from South Korea have come up with flexible ultra-thin photovoltaics (PV) that can wrap around a pencil. The bendy solar cells can power wearable electronics like fitness trackers and smart glasses. The researchers report the results.. more

World's First Solar Powered Noise Barriers Installed in the Netherlands

New solar powered noise reduction barriers have been installed along the side of the A2 highway in Netherlands. The most interesting part of these new solar energy innovations is the barriers because these bright colored barriers can collect solar.. more

Meyer Burger Secured Contracts to Supply PERC Upgrade Cell Technology in Asia

MB-PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) from Meyer Burger is an advanced cell technology that offers customers the opportunity to substantially increase the efficiency and performance of their existing solar cell production lines. The orders received in the last few d.. more

Toxic-free Thin-film Solar Cells Inspired by Production of Tofu

Flexibility and applicability are what thin-film solar cells promise. However, thin-film solar cells are constituted by cadmium chloride, a toxic material. Scientists from University of Liverpool now are developing new solar cells made by magnesium chloride which is innocuou.. more

CSUN and Zep Solar signed licensing agreement

CSUN, a specialized manufacturer of solar cells and modules is pleased to inform that it signed a licensing agreement with Zep Solar, Inc., a US based manufacturer of the first comprehensive platform for module-integrated installation hardware. Zep Solar’s hardwa.. more

Midsummer Reaches New Efficiency Record for CIGS Solar Cells

Midsummer, a Sweden supplier of production lines for cost effective manufacturing of flexible thin film CIGS solar cells, has increased the efficiency of its solar cells. This increased energy efficiency further strengthens the business case and attractiveness of thin film.. more


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