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How to Harvest Energy From Your Surroundings: Neutrino Energy

published 2020 年 07 月 29 日 13:00 | editor | category News
Life on Earth cannot continue without electrical energy, and a new form of renewable power that doesn't need batteries is coming to the fore. In the near future, neutrinovoltaic devices will power every electrical appliance in the world, which Neutrino Energy Group founder Holger Thorsten Schubart believes will herald the age of "perfect electricity." ...  more

Neutrino Energy - Sustainable Energy Technology in Space

published 2020 年 06 月 05 日 10:30 | editor | category News
As plans to explore the cosmos once again reach a fever pitch in the United States and abroad, the Neutrino Energy Group stands at the ready to supplement the power sources that contemporary astronauts will need to establish colonies on the Moon and travel to Mars. ...  more

Neutrinovoltaics Produce Energy Even When Photovoltaics Fail

published 2020 年 05 月 29 日 13:30 | editor | category News
-- Combined with the non-visible spectrums that come from other stars, ethereal particles like Neutrinos bombard us from all directions throughout every moment of the day. Neutrino Energy Group scientists are convinced that Neutrinovoltaic could make up for some of the limitations of photovoltaic-energy generation. ...  more