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ITRI, UK ORE Catapult Sign MOU in Pursuit of Multi-Billion-Dollar Operational Maintenance Market

published: 2021-07-16 9:30 | editor | category: News
On July 6, ITRI and UK’s ORE (Offshore Renewable Energy) Catapult signed an MOU regarding the exchange of offshore wind power technology and know-how between the UK and Taiwan. More specifically, the MOU is expected to innovate and overhaul Taiwan’s offshore wind power operational maintenance applications by leveraging the UK’s experience, hence delivering a more comprehensive ecosystem for the NT$30 billion domestic wind power operational maintenance market. ...  more

Researchers Improve Wind Farm Efficiency Through “Collaborative Turbines” with Wake Steering Technology

published: 2021-07-15 9:30 | editor | category: News
In order to minimize the wind turbine’s wake effect and thereby raise the power generating efficiency of wind farms, some scientists have turned their sights towards controlling the angle of upstream turbines, to hopefully transform wind turbines into a mature industry. These scientists invented a system that can intelligently adjust the turbines’ yaw angle and pitch angle such that downstream turbines are not adversely affected by wake effects. ...  more

New Offshore Wind Power Installation in Taiwan to Reach Mere 490MW Owing to Impact from Pandemic

published: 2021-07-14 9:30 | editor | category: News
Taiwan’s monsoons mean that offshore wind power installations can be carried out only six months every year. Unfortunately, the proliferation of the COVID-19 pandemic in 1H21 has delayed most of these installations. Taiwan’s MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs) subsequently declared that a total of 429 MW in wind power will likely be installed this year, with the shortfall in capacity to be compensated for by the end of 2022. ...  more

Zhongneng Offshore Wind Farm Completes Final Supply Contract of 31 Vestas Wind Turbines

published: 2021-06-30 9:30 | editor | category: News
China Steel Power Corporation, formed by China Steel Corporation (CSC) and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), recently completed the signing on the contract for the final supply of wind turbines for the Zhongneng Offshore Wind Farm with Vestas, the largest wind turbine supplier in the world. The contract comprises of the design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning for the wind turbines of the Zhongneng Offshore Wind Farm, as well as the wind turbine services and the service-level agreement after operation.  ...  more

Wind Energy Offers A Bright Future In Coming Years

published: 2021-06-22 14:37 | editor | category: News
Wind energy, a type of renewable energy, is used to generate electric energy from kinetic energy. Wind turbine converts the wind energy into mechanical energy and this mechanical energy is further converted into electrical energy through generator. ...  more

TECO to Manufacture Prototypes of Offshore Wind Turbines

published: 2021-05-07 9:30 | editor | category: News
TECO is rumored to have signed a framework agreement with several domestic and overseas offshore wind power developer and a globally renowned permanent-magnet wind turbine manufacturer for its imminent expansion in the offshore wind power market, and will be producing stator-rotor prototypes for wind turbines. At the same time, TECO will be striving to manufacture the wind turbine prototypes required after 2025 alongside its partners of the agreement. ...  more

Spanish Bladeless Wind Turbine Swings Left and Right to Generate Power

published: 2021-05-06 9:30 | editor | category: News
Are three-blade wind turbines really indispensable for the generation of wind power? Spanish startup Vortex Bladeless has introduced an unconventional “bladeless wind turbine” that exceeded imagination, and wind power generation will no longer be constrained to extensive areas in the future, while the concern on birds and bats is also eliminated at the same time. ...  more