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Zhongneng Offshore Wind Farm Completes Final Supply Contract of 31 Vestas Wind Turbines

published: 2021-06-30 9:30 | editor | category: News
China Steel Power Corporation, formed by China Steel Corporation (CSC) and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), recently completed the signing on the contract for the final supply of wind turbines for the Zhongneng Offshore Wind Farm with Vestas, the largest wind turbine supplier in the world. The contract comprises of the design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning for the wind turbines of the Zhongneng Offshore Wind Farm, as well as the wind turbine services and the service-level agreement after operation.  ...  more

Wind Energy Offers A Bright Future In Coming Years

published: 2021-06-22 14:37 | editor | category: News
Wind energy, a type of renewable energy, is used to generate electric energy from kinetic energy. Wind turbine converts the wind energy into mechanical energy and this mechanical energy is further converted into electrical energy through generator. ...  more

TECO to Manufacture Prototypes of Offshore Wind Turbines

published: 2021-05-07 9:30 | editor | category: News
TECO is rumored to have signed a framework agreement with several domestic and overseas offshore wind power developer and a globally renowned permanent-magnet wind turbine manufacturer for its imminent expansion in the offshore wind power market, and will be producing stator-rotor prototypes for wind turbines. At the same time, TECO will be striving to manufacture the wind turbine prototypes required after 2025 alongside its partners of the agreement. ...  more

Spanish Bladeless Wind Turbine Swings Left and Right to Generate Power

published: 2021-05-06 9:30 | editor | category: News
Are three-blade wind turbines really indispensable for the generation of wind power? Spanish startup Vortex Bladeless has introduced an unconventional “bladeless wind turbine” that exceeded imagination, and wind power generation will no longer be constrained to extensive areas in the future, while the concern on birds and bats is also eliminated at the same time. ...  more

South Korea Unfolds US$43 Billion Offshore Wind Power Project and Aims to Construct the Largest 8.2GW Wind Farm in the World

published: 2021-03-12 9:30 | editor | category: News
South Korea subtly accounts for 35% of global offshore wind farm projects, and has announced an investment of KRW 48.5 trillion (approx. US$43.2 billion) on establishing the largest offshore wind farm at 8.2GW (= 8,200 MW = 8.2 million kWh), which not only accelerates the installed capacity and development of renewable energy, but also rejuvenates the post-pandemic economy through development projects of large power plants. ...  more

Desire for Wind Power Supremacy Drives Denmark to Build Largest Artificial Island in History

published: 2021-02-23 9:30 | editor | category: News
As a country famous for its development of wind energy, Denmark has an advantage in obtaining additional sources of new energy because of its vast shorelines, despite being constrained by its limited landmass. As the E.U.’s new energy targets bring impending changes to the energy ecosystem, Denmark will now construct a massive offshore artificial island to create more new energy hubs, expected to provide tens of millions of households in Europe with electricity eventually. ...  more

Will Wake and Blockage Effects Affect the Profitability of Offshore Wind Farms?

published: 2021-02-19 9:30 | editor | category: News
Major Danish offshore wind power provider Orsted, driven by worries over its underestimation of the range and complexity of the wake and blockage effects in 2019, revised down the weighted ROI forecasts of certain bidding offshore wind farms while simultaneously pointing out that the underestimation is a risk on a global scale for the wind power generation industry. ...  more

US Sees 70% of New Power Generation from Wind and Solar Energy, with Merely 16% from Gas-Fired Power Generation, in 2021

published: 2021-02-13 9:30 | editor | category: News
The US has always been a major country in carbon emission, and Trump had even emphasized on the revival of the coal industry, though both the coal industry and coal-fired power generation are expeditiously exiting from the stage despite the significant support from the former US president under the inevitable trend of technical advancement and market economy. ...  more