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PV Industry Price Trend: Module Quotations Continue to Decline amidst Unrecovered Demand in Short Term

Polysilicon The polysilicon market had slightly fluctuated this week, with a shrinkage in the quotation interval at the same time. With the power restrictions now phasing out, the upstream supply of polysilicon powder is now replenished, followed by a downward adjustment in quotations, and businesses are slightly mitigated in production pressure amidst a gradually alleviating provision status in polysilicon....  more



[EV] CATL to Invest RMB 15 Billion to Build New Battery Production Bases in Guizhou and Fujian

Chinese battery manufacturer CATL continues its aggressive expansion with plans for two new manufacturing bases. One will be located in Gui’an New Zone, an industrial development cluster within Guizhou Province. ...  more


[Others] US Army Develops Soldier Wearable Fuel Cells Powered by Windshield Washer Fluids

Soldiers in modern warfare have to carry an increasing amount of electronics, and commanding troops and drones through tablets is also becoming popular aside from the applications of tactical lights, night vision goggles, radios, and laser pointers....  more


[Solar] Wynca and GCL-Poly Form Joint Venture That Will Supply Industrial Silicon Powder

Wynca, a Chinese supplier of industrial chemicals, announced on November 6 that it has formed a joint venture with GCL-Poly Leshan to manufacture industrial silicon materials. ...  more


[EV] Apple Car Expected to Hit Market in 2025 While Markets Bullish on 11 Supply Chain Partners

Certain media outlets have reported that Apple is actively engaging in the R&D of the Apple Car and aiming to release a fully autonomous EV by 2025. Citi indicates that Apple’s potential outsourcing of Apple Car production may drive its market cap above US$3 trillion and as a result benefit 11 other companies....  more


[Solar] FSP to Enter the Traffic Control and Energy Storage Sector for the Vision of a Smart City that Never Goes Offline

As the world undergoes the recent wave of smart transformation, the issue of energy supply is now more than ever a topic in the public consciousness....  more