Sacramento Announced the First of Hundreds of ChargePoint Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Coulomb Technologies announced the installation of its ChargePoint® networked electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Sacramento as a part of its $37 million ChargePoint America program. The first Coulomb ChargePoint station is now installed at Harv&rsquo.. more

Woodinville is First Church in US to Provide ChargePoint Public Electric Car Charging Station

Coulomb Technologies announced the first US church installation, Woodinville’s Wooden Cross Lutheran, of a ChargePoint® Networked Charging Station for electric vehicles (EVs). The installation is part of Coulomb’s $37M ChargePoint Ameri.. more

Think City to be the Star Attraction at the Worlds First Dedicated Electric Mobility Concept Store in Zurich

The THINK City, the electric car is the attraction at the world’s first dedicated Electric Mobility Concept Store in Zurich. The m-way store has been specially created and designed by Migros the Swiss retailing giant and THINK’s distributio.. more

Production of 100% Electric, Zero-Emission, Nissan LEAF Begins at Oppama, Japan

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has started production at its Oppama facility for the all-new 100% electric, zero-emission Nissan LEAF, which is slated to go on sale in December in Japan and the United States, and from early 2011, in select markets in Europe. In Novemb.. more

GE Unveils Unique Hybrid Halogen-CFL Light Bulb Coming in 2011

Consumers searching for the latest hybrid can soon look beyond their local car dealership. Starting in 2011, GE Lighting brings hybrid technology to the lighting aisle in the form of a unique, new incandescent-shaped light bulb that combines the instant brightness of halo.. more

Siemens Begins Field Testing with its Own Electric Car Fleet

Siemens AG is starting its own large-scale fleet test with electrical vehicles. One hundred employees will test the cars in everyday use. The first 20 vehicles will be put into service in late November, ten each in Erlangen and Munich, and the others will follow in the.. more

Portugal will Launch the Electric Vehicle Charging Network in 2011

Portugal is planning to open the world's first nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging network early next year. By 2020, 10 percent of all vehicles are going to be replaced by electric cars in Portugal. "In the first half of 2011 in Portugal we will have .. more