US-China Trade War -- Tariffs Rise for China, Drop for Taiwan, Solar Makers Seek US Export Channels

United States Department of Commerce has announced its 2014 anti-dumping and countervailing duties final tariff ruling on December 17th. Tariffs for Chinese manufacturers are higher than the preliminary determination, while lowered slightly for Taiwanese makers. Chinese modules’ anti-dumping (AD) tariffs range from 26.71% to 165.04%; while the countervailing duties (CVD) range from 27.64% to 4.. more



Wafer (US$)
2014/12/17 update

Item Avg Chg
Super High Efficiency Multi-Si Wafer 0.965 (0 %)
High Efficiency Multi-Si Wafer 0.905 (0 %)
Mono-Si Wafer 1.145 (0 %)

Cell (US$)
2014/12/17 update

Item Avg Chg
High Efficiency Multi-Si Cell 0.332 (0 %)
Taiwanese Multi-Si Cell 0.320 (0 %)
Chinese Multi-Si Cell 0.320 (0 %)
Mono-Si Cell 0.420 (0 %)
【Annoucement】We've added new columns for mono-si module and high-efficiency/mono-si cell and adjusted standard for wafers. Any questions,please don't hesitate to [ contact us ] !

Weekly Spot Price

Manufacturers still hold conservative attitudes before the US-China anti-dumping and countervailing final determination is ann.. more

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