Effects of US-China Trade War to Emerge Next Year, High Inventory will Delay Price Recovery

PV manufacturers are now on their toes anticipating the preliminary verdict for product dumping announcement by the end of July. Prices within the PV supply chain continue to drop due to low season and weak demand in China and Japan. Among all, Taiwan’s cell prices have declined significantly. “Taiwan’s first-tier cell manufacturers could stick to the price of US$0.40/watt before mi.. more


Wafer ($USD)
2014/07/24 update

Item Avg Chg Chart
Multi-Si Wafer 0.933 (-0.21 %) Chart
Mono-Si Wafer 1.183 (0.08 %) Chart
High Efficiency Multi-Si Wafer 0.953 (-2.76 %) Chart

Cell ($USD)
2014/07/24 update

Item Avg Chg Chart
Chinese Cell Price 0.338 (-2.03 %) Chart
Taiwanese Cell Price 0.350 (-1.41 %) Chart
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