Oversupply Will Prevent Global PV Market From Recovering in Near Future

Prices across the PV supply chain have collapsed to new lows in the second half of 2016 due to plunging demand. Furthermore, quotes of PV cells and wafers are not expected to bottom out this September. The current market analysis indicates that most manufacturers are not achieving profitability, according to EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce.Looking ahead to 2017, the entire supply chain – .. more



Wafer (US$)
2016/09/21 update

Item Avg Chg
Super High Efficiency Multi-Si Wafer 0.547 (-3.7 %)
High Efficiency Multi-Si Wafer 0.530 (-4.5 %)
Mono-Si Wafer 0.672 (-2.61 %)

Cell (US$)
2016/09/21 update

Item Avg Chg
High Efficiency Multi-Si Cell 0.197 (-1.99 %)
Taiwanese Multi-Si Cell 0.194 (-2.51 %)
Chinese Multi-Si Cell 0.192 (-2.54 %)
Mono-Si Cell 0.227 (-3.4 %)
【Annoucement】EnergyTrend unveils average prices of mono-si and multi-si PERC cells respectively at the columns for mono-si and multi-si cells’ “High” prices. Any questions,please don't hesitate to [ contact us ] !

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