Details Decide Outcome – Technologies from Solvay Specialty Polymers Propels New Energies Sector to a Bright Future

Solar Impulse 2, the world’s first solar-powered aircraft, ushered a new chapter in the history of energy technologies when it took off from Abu Dhabi on March 9, 2015. Using 17,428 solar cells and an energy storage system made of lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries, this technological marvel made a smooth flight across half of the globe. Behind this feat is Solvay Specialty Polymers, which provided mo.. more



Wafer (US$)
2015/09/30 update

Item Avg Chg
Super High Efficiency Multi-Si Wafer 0.840 (0 %)
High Efficiency Multi-Si Wafer 0.825 (0 %)
Mono-Si Wafer 0.928 (0 %)

Cell (US$)
2015/09/30 update

Item Avg Chg
High Efficiency Multi-Si Cell 0.319 (0 %)
Taiwanese Multi-Si Cell 0.310 (0 %)
Chinese Multi-Si Cell 0.287 (0 %)
Mono-Si Cell 0.340 (-0.87 %)
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