First Solar to Acquire Skytron-Energy from AEG Power Solutions

First Solar announced to enter into an agreement to acquire skytron-energy, a subsidiary of AEG Power Solutions, which provides utility-scale PV power plant management systems, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services, data monitoring technology, and equipment t.. more

Liberty Electric Cars Completes the Prototype of the Next Generation of Electric Delivery Vehicle “DELIVER”

Liberty Electric Cars, a Europe-based subsidiary of Green Automotive Company, has successfully built up the first fully functioning example of “DELIVER” - an electric delivery vehicle, marking a new age of urban commercial transportation. The DELIV.. more

Record-year for Asian PV Markets in 2013: EPIA

With at least 37 GW of newly-added capacity globally, 2013 was another record-year for PV installations. The internationalisation trend of PV markets already observed in 2012 accentuated in 2013, with Asia taking the lead over Europe as the No.1 region for new PV ins.. more

Germany’s PV System Installation Greatly Decreased in 2013 Due to Substantial Subsidy Cut

BSW-Solar (Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft e.V., “The German Solar Industry Association” in English) stated that the amount of PV panel installation in Germany increased around 3.3 GW last year, less than half of the highest record of 7.6 GW in 20.. more

Increased Roof-Top PV Market Penetration Rate May Affect Electricity Company Revenue

  Impacted by the decreased PV system installation cost and Feed-in Tariff (FiT) as well as increased electricity price, roof-top system market continues to grow in Europe and USA. According to EnergyTrend’s investigation, the return rate of electr.. more

Overturning Satcon’s Financial Impasse, SIC Takes a Firm Stand in the Taiwanese Market by Becoming its Exclusive Agency

The competition and collaboration among the manufacturers within PV supply chain keep repeating itself in the rapid-changing PV industry and it happens to be the same in the inverter market. During the downturn of solar market in the end of 2012, many second-tier inverter m.. more

Chinese Silicon Wafers Being Excluded from Anti-Dumping Investigation as EU Discloses Final Result

The European Commission disclosed the final result towards China PV anti-dumping investigation on Tuesday (August 27th). Wafers have been excluded from the investigation. In another word, Chinese silicon wafers exported to Europe from now on will not be restricted by .. more


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