Saft America Signs Li-ion Stop-Star Battery Technology Development Contract with USABC

Saft America has received a competitively bid, $6.13 million award from the United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC) in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for 12-volt stop-start battery technology development. The contract i.. more

Samsung SDI Unveils 500Wh Battery Pack for E-bike

Samsung SDI unveiled an e-bike battery pack that can run for 100 km with a single battery charge at the Eurobike 2015 on August 26 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The company also showcased its various lithium-ion battery technologies for electr.. more

GE to Supply a 30MW Battery Solution to California

GE has signed a supply agreement with Coachella Energy Storage Partners (CESP) to offer a 30-MW battery energy storage system. The 30MW battery solution will be delivered as part of CESP’s supply contract with the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) .. more

Energy Storage Project Roadshow2015

As of June 2014, energy storage projects has been put into operation globally(pumped-hydro, compressed-air and thermal storage excluded), and the total installed capacity of energy storage applications reached 761.8 MW, while China’s total installed capacity has reache.. more

3M and LG Chem Sign a NCM Patent License Agreement for Li-ion Batteries

3M and LG Chem have entered into a patent license agreement to further expand the use of nickel, cobalt, manganese (NCM) in lithium ion batteries. Under the agreement, 3M grants LG Chem a license to U.S. Patents 6,660,432, 6,964,828, 7,078,128, 8,685,565 and 8,241,.. more

Saft to Supply Backup Power Batteries to Tecnibat for Trackside Substations in Saudi Arabia

Saft is supplying backup power batteries to Tecnibat for trackside substations on the Haramain High Speed Railway. Tecnibat is a major Spanish provider of electrical energy supply and backup systems. The Saft batteries will be installed at a.. more

Polymer Battery Outlook and Supply Chain Development

An industry environment favorable to polymer battery: Affected by low volume/high variety operation, traditional cell manufacturers can no longer maintain high market shares through capacity. In other words, only those with high flexibility can continue to grow in the polyme.. more