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Nuvve has entered into a strategic partnership with Great Power

published: 2024-05-07 16:21

TrendForce has learned that on May 1, local time in the United States, Nuvve Holding Corp. (Nuvve), a leading global provider of V2G (Vehicle to Grid) technology, and Great Power have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly deploy multiple joint projects such as RESCHOOL and Fresno, and carry out a series of integrated energy storage projects in North America, Europe, Asia and other regions.

In the joint project, Great Power will provide Nuvve with a highly safe, long-cycle and energy-efficient battery energy storage system, and finish the full integration of the battery energy storage system with Nuvve's EMS (Energy Management System) and GIVe™ (Grid Integrated Vehicle) software aggregation platform in the third quarter of this year. Based on the long-term partnership, the two companies will jointly launch joint products such as electric vehicle infrastructure, energy storage equipment and energy management systems to accelerate the electrification of vehicles.

As an innovative solution in the future energy field, V2G technology treats a large number of electric vehicle batteries as mobile energy storage devices, effectively balancing the load of the power grid, regulating peak and frequency regulation, and improving the stability of the power grid. At the same time, it can also bring obvious benefits to electric vehicle owners, effectively reducing vehicle charging costs and charging time.

Since Great Power entered the field of energy storage in 2011, it has won high recognition from global customers with its high-safety, long-cycle, energy-efficient energy storage product solutions and rich project implementation experience. At present, the company has implemented energy storage projects to maintain continuous operation with zero safety accidents! The company's energy storage products have passed a number of strict certifications such as UL/GB/IEC//UN/MSDS/RoHs/Reach, etc., and can be used worldwide!

Through this partnership, Great Power will give full play to its technological advantages in the field of energy storage to meet the needs of Nuvve's U.S. market with safe, reliable and high-quality products and services. In the future, the company will work with Nuvve to continue to promote the integrated development of electric vehicles and renewable energy through technological innovation and resource integration, and jointly contribute to the sustainable development of global clean energy.

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