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Polysilicon (Per KG)
2018/12/12 update

Multi-Used Polysilicon (RMB) 78.000 72.000 75.000 ( 0 % )Price Chart
Mono-Used Polysilicon (RMB) 83.000 80.000 81.000 ( 0 % )Price Chart
Polysilicon Outside China (USD) 10.200 8.500 9.535 ( 0 % )Price Chart
Global Polysilicon (USD) 10.360 8.500 9.630 ( -0.64 % )Price Chart
*The contract price is refer to the highest price.

Wafer (156.75mm x 156.75mm)
2018/12/12 update

Multi-si Wafer (RMB) 2.250 2.080 2.120 ( 0 % )Price Chart
Multi-si Wafer (USD) 0.305 0.255 0.270 ( 1.89 % )Price Chart
Mono-Si Wafer (RMB) 3.100 3.050 3.080 ( 0.98 % )Price Chart
Mono-Si Wafer (USD) 0.390 0.380 0.381 ( 0 % )Price Chart
*The price of black Silicon is refer to the highest price of Multi-Si Wafer.
*The price of 160um Mono-Si Wafer is refer to the highest one of Mono-Si Wafer. The prices of average and the lowest are based on 180um Mono-Si Wafer.

Cell (Per Watt)
2018/12/12 update

Multi-Si Cell (RMB) 0.880 0.810 0.860 ( 0 % )Price Chart
Multi-Si Cell (USD) 0.130 0.102 0.109 ( 5.83 % )Price Chart
Mono-Si Cell (RMB) 1.080 1.000 1.040 ( 0 % )Price Chart
Mono-Si Cell (USD) 0.155 0.135 0.150 ( 20 % )Price Chart
High Efficiency Mono-Si Cell (RMB) 1.200 1.120 1.160 ( 0 % )Price Chart
High Efficiency Mono-Si Cell (USD) 0.172 0.155 0.168 ( 1.82 % )Price Chart
Superior High Efficiency Mono-Si Cell (RMB) 1.300 1.200 1.250 ( 0 % )Price Chart
Superior High Efficiency Mono-Si Cell (USD) 0.178 0.170 0.175 ( 0 % )Price Chart
*Conversion efficiency of PV cells: Multi-Si Cell (>18.5%). Mono-Si Cell (>20.0%). High Efficiency Mono-Si Cell (>21.0%). Superior High Efficiency Mono-Si Cell (>21.5%). High Efficiency Multi-Si Cell (>19.5%) is refer to the highest price of Multi-Si Cell.

Module (Per Watt)
2018/12/12 update

270W Multi-Si Module (RMB) 1.850 1.780 1.840 ( 0 % )Price Chart
270W Multi-Si Module (USD) 0.265 0.205 0.211 ( 0 % )Price Chart
280W Multi-Si Module (RMB) 1.930 1.800 1.870 ( 0 % )Price Chart
280W Multi-Si Module (USD) 0.275 0.210 0.229 ( 0 % )Price Chart
290W Mono-Si Module (RMB) 1.960 1.830 1.890 ( 0 % )Price Chart
290W Mono-Si Module (USD) 0.360 0.242 0.253 ( 0 % )Price Chart
300W Mono-Si Module (RMB) 2.200 2.100 2.150 ( 0 % )Price Chart
300W Mono-Si Module (USD) 0.380 0.265 0.275 ( 0 % )Price Chart
*The price of 310W Mono-Si Module is refer to the highest one of 300W Mono-Si Module.

Price Trend: Market Dynamics Are Healthy and Industry Shows Positive Development

The market as a whole has stabilized due to the robust demand, and prices are on a positive, upward trend. However, manufacturers across the supply chain have been very restrained in adjusting their quotes because they do not want significant fluctuations in price trends. Prices of polysilicon and wafers have held steady because there has been a significant turnaround in demand, and manufacturers in these markets have tightly controlled the supply of their products. Regarding the cell and module markets, prices have only increased marginally despite rising demand and even shortages for some products. The supply-demand relations across the supply chain are expected to gradually move toward a healthier state, and the positive mood of the market will likely persist for a prolonged period.


Noticeable and positive changes have occurred in the polysilicon market this week. Suppliers’ inventories have fallen just as the downstream demand is starting to pick up. More medium- and small-size manufacturers in China and overseas markets have halted production. Currently in China, prices of polysilicon for multi-Si products are kept around RMB 72-78/kg, while prices of polysilicon for mono-Si products are kept around RMB 80-83/kg. Outside China, prices of polysilicon materials have held steady in the range of US$8.5-10.2/kg.


Chinese suppliers have raised the capacity utilization rates of their multi-Si wafer production lines this week. As for their mono-Si wafer production, they now practically keep no stock at hand. Some Chinese suppliers are even prioritizing their shipments based on clients’ billing cycles. With these developments causing a positive shift in the supply-demand relations, prices of mono-Si wafers in China have risen to RMB 3.05-3.10/pc (the average has moved up to RMB 3.08/pc). Prices of multi-Si wafers in China have stayed constant in the range of RMB 2.08-2.20/pc. The average price of black silicon wafers (or the highest price for multi-Si wafers) in China has also remained stable at RMB 2.25/pc. Outside China, prices of mono-Si wafers are kept around US$0.380-0.390/pc, while prices of multi-Si wafers have moved up to around US$0.255-0.280/pc. The average of the multi-Si wafers outside China has risen to US$0.270/pc, while the price of black silicon wafers has remained at US$0.305/pc.


The cell market is still very hot this week, with demand practically exceeding supply for high-efficiency mono-Si cells from first-tier manufacturers. The supply of mono-Si products going to overseas markets is being squeezed by the rising demand in China. As a result, some clients outside China are willing to pay a higher price to secure their shipments. Currently in China, prices of conventional mono-Si cells, high-efficiency mono-Si cells, and superior high-efficiency mono-Si cells (>21.5%) are in the ranges of RMB 1.00-1.08/W, RMB 1.12-1.20/W, and RMB 1.20-1.30/W, respectively.

Outside China, cell prices have generally gone up this week. Prices of conventional multi-Si cells have risen to US$0.102-0.130/W, with the average now sitting at US$0.109/W. Prices of conventional mono-Si cells have moved upward to US$0.135-0.155/W, with the average advancing to US$0.150/W. Prices of high-efficiency mono-Si cells have also risen to US$0.155-0.172/W, with the average climbing to US$0.168/W. On the other hand, prices of superior high-efficiency mono-Si cells (>21.5%) have been maintained within the range of US$0.170-0.178/W. As for the market for bifacial cells, their prices are still selling at RMB 1.30/W or above.


Prices at which modules are sold have not changed significantly this week even as the market is seeing brisk orders. However, prices of high-efficiency modules have gone up in China due to demand outstripping supply.

Currently in China, prices of conventional multi-Si modules (270-275W) and high-efficiency multi-Si modules (280-285W) are kept within the ranges of RMB1.78-1.85/W and RMB 1.80-1.93/W, respectively. As for prices of mono-Si modules in China, the price ranges of conventional (290-295W), high-efficiency (300-305W), and superior high-efficiency (>310W) are RMB 1.83-1.96/W, RMB 2.10-2.20/W, and RMB 2.20/W or higher, respectively. Outside China, prices of conventional multi-Si modules and high-efficiency multi-Si modules have been holding steady in the ranges of US$0.205-0.265/W and US$0.210-0.275/W, respectively. Prices of mono-Si modules outside China have been stable as well, with prices of conventional and high-efficiency products maintaining within the ranges of US$0.242-0.360/W and US$0.265-0.380/W.

(Image: Activ Solar via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



The price information provided by EnergyTrend is primarily a result of periodical survey of a pool of major manufacturers via telephone, questionnaires, and site visits. EnergyTrend cross-surveys major buyers and suppliers throughout the supply chain and strives to ensure all enclosed price information reflects actuality.

EnergyTrend takes a conservative attitude toward the enclosed price information. All surveyed manufacturers are to be kept anonymous and EnergyTrend will not respond to price enquiry about any individual manufacturer. All statistical numbers gathered are used to derive a particular price quote through weighted calculation.

With the historical contract price information in our database and capability of conducting fast and in-depth market analysis, EnergyTrend is equipped to provide both price trend and market intelligence to our valued members.

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