nalysis in the scope of solar, lithium battery, xEVs and the related applications. EnergyTrend also is the leading website on green news since 2010 and is dedicated to provide market intelligence and to deliver the price information on green/renewable energy industry. Currently EnergyTrend has three language sites namely English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

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According to statistics compiled in the fourth quarter,
the combined page views and unique visitors of the three language websites totaled 3.65 million a month and 880 thousand a month.。

EnergyTrend provides enormous resources, business opportunities, and green-energy industry's supply chain product information (including solar energy, wind power, and lithium-battery based electric vehicle) to the manufacturers. EnergyTrend is a one of the most reliable platforms for your media publicity in green energy industry. EnergyTrend not only collaborates with international heavy weight exhibitions, but also writes news releases that are frequently quoted and reprinted by international media with EnergyTrend's permission.

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81% of our audiences whose positions are in the management and above are also the IT decision makers and B2B influencers.

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More than 81% of the members are from green energy related industries.


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