Industry Focus


New Wave of Inflation Fermenting within the Industry Chain as Constrained Polysilicon Provision Persists

Polysilicon Polysilicon prices continued to surge under a slightly expanded degree this week, where mono-Si dense materials were quoted at a mainstream price of RMB 263-275/kg, while mono-Si compound feedings were quotes at a mainstream price of RMB 265-278/kg, with an average concluded price of RMB 271-273/kg. ...  more



[Solar] Zhuhai Plans to Add 2GW of PV Generation by 2025

The government of Zhuhai, which is a major city in the China’s Guangdong Province, formally released its energy development strategy under the 14th Five-Year Plan on July 26. According to the strategy, the city’s generation capacity will increase by 7,700MW to reach 13,890MW by 2025....  more


[Solar] MIIT: China’s Industrial Silicon Production Grew by 26.9% Year on Year to 1.436 Million Tons for First Half of 2022

On August 5, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) posted a notice on its website detailing the performance of the domestic industrial silicon (metallic silicon) industry in the first half of 2022. Highlights are as follows:...  more


[Others] Deploying "Uninterruptible Power System" Backup Ahead of Schedule, No Fear of Summer Peak Power Usage

In recent years, there have been frequent power outages from last year's 513 and 517 power outages to this year's 303 power outage. In addition to affecting daily life, it also reduces people's confidence in Taiwan's power supply stability. At this time, an "uninterruptible power supply system" will become a lifesaver for your own valuable electrical appliances....  more


[EV] Henan Offers Incentives for Installing EV Charging Piles and PV Systems in Logistics Parks and Public Car Parks

The website of the government of China’s Henan Province has recently released a notice that listed a series of measures for supporting the development of a strong regional logistics network. In this notice, the provincial government said it is promoting the development of a green and low-carbon logistics network. Therefore, measures have been introduced to support the construction of new EV charging stations and the optimization of the existing transportation infrastructure....  more


[Lithium Battery] Battery Supply Chain Traceability, Lithium Isotopes as "Fingerprints"

Lithium-ion batteries are used in smart phones, laptops, electric vehicles, and battery energy storage systems in various industries and companies have paid great attention to lithium ore and battery supply chains for their own ESG performance. Now scientists have found a way to establish a tracking system through the atoms in lithium batteries to ensure that purchased products are insulated from disputes....  more