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Insights and Highlights Summary: ETS 2024 Energy Trend Seminar by TrendForce

On November 30, 2023, ETS Energy Trend for 2024, hosted by TrendForce and its new energy research center, EnergyTrend, successfully concluded in Shenzhen. With the overarching themes of Empowering, In...  more



[Solar] The debate over the definition of long-duration energy storage in Australia: 4 hours or 8 hours

The proposal by the Australian state of New South Wales to shorten the definition of long-duration energy storage to four hours has sparked ...  more


[Solar] $0.026/kWh! Vietnam sets net metering PV tariffs

Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) recently proposed setting a tariff of VND671/kWh ($0.026/kWh) for excess electricity sold fr...  more


[Solar] Energy storage battery exports in the first five months of high growth, “going out” opportunities than challenges

On July 18, according to reports from Financial Associated Press, China’s cumulative export volume of energy storage batteries reached 8.4 G...  more


[Solar] ProLogium Technology Plans to Slow Down Expansion of Its French Solid-State Battery Factory

Recently, Chinese solid-state battery company ProLogium Technology announced plans to control its expansion pace and slow down the construct...  more


[Solar] PV industry has fully entered the N-type era, and the gain effect of BC cells is obvious

According to the news of Aiko on July 16, the empirical data of Ningxia Electric Power Design Institute shows that the power generation per ...  more