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TrendForce: Global PV Demand Will Reach 158GW for 2021 as Many Regional Markets Rebound, but Risks Remain as Subsidies Drop

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the release of the global PV demand. However, the impact of the pandemic was not as significant as expected because the global market also showed considerable r...  more



[Solar] Tax Concession Rumored to be Reduced for Foxconn in Wisconsin; Mark Liu: Adjustments Made According to the Industrial Arrangement

As reported by foreign media, Wisconsin has come to an agreement with Foxconn regarding the latter reducing the scale of plants in the southeastern part of the state, and the tax concession previously received will also be diminished to a little more than US$100 million. Foxconn’s Chairman Mark Liu has pointed out on April 21 that the tax concession is not being reduced, but rather adjusted according to the actual demand and the industrial arrangement.  ...  more


[Solar] Brazilian Government to Invest BRL 386 Million in Clean Energy for Communities on the Amazonian Archipelago of Mara

The Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) announced on April 23 that it will make an initial investment of BRL 386 million (or USD 70.3 million) in the development of clean energy for the remote communities on the Marajó Archipelago, which is situated at the mouth of the Amazon River....  more


[Others] A Drop of Alcohol Makes the Environment Better: How Japan Is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry with Cement-less Concrete

Cement serves an adhesive role in the makeup of concrete. Without cement, the rest of the substances in the concrete will disintegrate under the tiniest pressure. ...  more


[Solar] Indian Government Initiates 1GW Solar Tender via NTPC

National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC), which is a company under the Indian Ministry of Power, announced in late April that it is initiating a major solar tender. According to its request for selection, NTPC is inviting solar project developers to build 1GW of PV generation capacity that will be connected to the Interstate Transmission System. These PV power plants can be built anywhere in the country....  more


[Solar] Europe’s Mass Acquisition of Used Cooking Oil for Biomass Fuel May Result in Deforestation in Southeast Asia

Used cooking oil possesses numerous reuse values, such as being refined into biomass fuel, and various countries in the EU have imported a large amount of used cooking oil to produce biomass fuel. However, a recent research of Dutch environmental advisory group CE Delft indicates that the sizeable demand for used cooking oil in Europe may exacerbate the deforestation in Southeast Asia, and is not all that eco-friendly in reality....  more