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TrendForce’s Online Global PV Market Trends Seminar Successfully Concluded

The online Global PV Market Trends seminar hosted by EnergyTrend of TrendForce alongside renowned businesses such as Risen Energy, Trina Solar, Growatt, Tongwei Solar, and Ginlong was successfully con...  more



[Solar] PV glass: due to the sharp reduction in module production in December, the market demand has weakened

On December 5, 2022,PV glass manufacturers successively released new prices for December. The current market price of 2.0mm rolled PV glass ...  more


[Solar] Daqo: The second phase of the 100,000-ton high-purity polysilicon project will start

On December 6,2022, Daqo announced that the second phase of the high-purity polysilicon project with an annual output of 100,000 tons has co...  more


[Biofuel] Eco Expo Asia opens next week with hydrogen fuel cell bus as key highlight

As part of the show’s overall focus on “Green Innovations for Carbon Neutrality”, hydrogen technologies will be highlighted throughout next ...  more


[Others] Nuclear Fusion Study Discovers Abnormal High-Energy Ion Behaviors Behind Burning Plasma

Scientists have been engaged in the study of nuclear fusion hoping to create a clean and infinite energy on earth that is on par with stars. An US science team managed to attain burning plasma in the beginning of this year through high power laser light, and once again had a new discover that point to peculiar and unexplainable ion behaviors. ...  more


[EV] GM’s Latest Business Model: Fixing Cars for Tesla

General Motor (GM) may not be as successful as it hoped in terms of catching up to EV sales of Tesla, but the centennial auto manufacturer has found another opportunity on the market, which is EV repair....  more