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Price Trend: Market Conditions at Home and Abroad Are at Odds due to the New Tax System and Exchange Rate Changes

This week’s overall market price volatility was not entirely reflected in the continued slowdown in demand. There were influences of external environmental factors, including the exchange rate and the new tax system. The real market prices have yet to be known after the actual response next week. Upstream polysilicon and si-wafer prices showed diverging trends at home and abroad: in the domestic market, the decline could be attributed to the impact of the tax system, while the increase in the overseas market can be attributed to changes in the exchange rate. ...  more



[Solar] Price Trend: With Price Volatility, Stable Demand Is Expected to Lead to Market Boom

This week, the overall market price began to show both upward and downward trends. Regardless of the upstream polysilicon or downstream module, due to different factors, overseas and domestic markets were different. The price range tended to shrink, and the change in average prices was no longer significant. ...  more


[Solar] 27 GW Green Power Objective Becomes Law

Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan has passed the revised "Renewable Energy Development Act," mandating installation of 27 GW renewable energy capacity by 2025, for which major power consumers will have to set up green-energy facilities or pay a sum as compensation....  more


[Solar] Taiwan EPC Supplier Rankings for 2018: Chailease Energy’s Market Share Gone Above 10%

According to the latest Regional Project Report – “Solar Powering Taiwan: Special Report” by EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce, new inst...  more


[EV] Toyota to Sell EV Technology to Singulato of China

Toyota has reached an agreement with Singulato Motors of China for selling its electric-vehicle technology to the latter in exchange of the priority right for purchasing the startup's "credit quota" for new-energy cars, according to a wire news of Reuters....  more


[Solar] ITC Kicks Off Section 337 Investigation on Chinese PV Power Enterprises

The International Trade Commission (ITC) of the U.S. announced on April 4 launch of Section 337 investigation on seven Chinese manufacturers of PV cells and downstream products, including industry leaders Jinko Solar and Longi Solar. Gao Feng, spokesman of China's Ministry of Commerce, contended April 11 that the case only involves business disputes among enterprises, urging the U.S. to handle it in an objective manner....  more