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TrendForce: Global PV Demand Will Reach 158GW for 2021 as Many Regional Markets Rebound, but Risks Remain as Subsidies Drop

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the release of the global PV demand. However, the impact of the pandemic was not as significant as expected because the global market also showed considerable r...  more



[Solar] Tesla Showcases Third Generation Wall Connector that Connects to WiFi for Automatic Firmware Updates

Tesla Taiwan hosted a media gathering on a rare occasion last week, where the company presented its 3rd generation residential charger that offers additional function for users, while also elevating on safety specifications....  more


[EV] How Volkswagen Recycles Lithium-Ion Batteries

Hot on the heels of electric vehicles dominating the airwaves, many have been expressing concerns over how to recycle automotive li-ion batteries. For the first time ever, Volkswagen recently unveiled their battery recycling facility. Now you too can take a look at how the German automaker makes use of discarded batteries and removes all doubts about the environmental impact of their battery recycling operations....  more


[Others] Bill Gates Supports the New Generation Nuclear Technology for the Arduous Target of Zero Emission by 2050

The EU, Japan, and South Korea have announced the target of zero carbon emission by 2050, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who has been a long-time supporter of energy issues, has proposed relevant recommendations, where he believes that an utilization of intermittent energy such as solar and wind power is not enough, and nuclear energy is also a concrete solution....  more


[Others] Construction Industry Advances Towards Era of Electrification and Zero Carbon Emission as the First Electric Crane in the World Makes its Debut

While there is an increasing number of electric vehicles, numerous large-sized machines are also prepared to enter the electrification era. In addition to the previously mentioned electric excavators and pallets, Liebherr has introduced another sizeable product this time, which is an electric crane....  more


[Solar] TPC Confident in Maintaining a Stable Supply of Power as Electricity Consumption Anticipated to Hit Record High in 2021

TPC hosted the “2021 Chinese New Year Celebration” today, and will be expediting on digital transformation and smart grid construction, as well as cultivating a circular economy, as the new year arrives. Yang Wei-fu, Chairman of TPC, commented that the electricity usage is expected to hit new high this year, though the new units for the independent power producers, along with the three offshore wind farms and solar plants, will be continuously established, in order to ensure a stable supply of power....  more