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Chailease Leads the Pack in 2019 Rankings of Taiwanese EPC Suppliers, Says TrendForce

The yearly COD capacity of the top 10 EPC suppliers accounted for 44% of Taiwan’s PV market According to the latest edition of the 2020 Solar Powering Taiwan: Special Report, published by the Energy...  more



[Solar] German Firm Proposes Three-in-One Floating Generation Platform That Harnesses Wave, Wind, and Solar Energy

Distributed generation (DG) is defined as small-scale electricity generation located very close to end users. This concept is contrary to centralized generation, where a large power plant (usually thermal or nuclear) supplies electricity to end users over long distance via a regional grid. Focusing on diversity and flexibility, a DG network deploys small-scale generation and energy storage systems that can directly serve nearby communities or be connected to the grid. These on-site and modularized generation systems are almost all based on renewable energies....  more


[Others] YIT is Developing Data Centers Powered by Renewables

YIT is developing sustainable data centers that are autonomous, sustainable and powered by renewable energy. As wind turbines, hydro power and even solar panels provide energy for the data center, the waste heat created by data processing is then in turn sold and transferred to a nearby greenhouse where it helps local farmers grow food products. It can also be sold and transferred to an existing district heating system where the need for fossil fuels can be reduced. ...  more


[Solar] What are Some of the Localized Projects of Offshore Wind Power as Technology is Preserved in Taiwan Through Various Stages?

The Taiwanese government plans to establish 5.5GW of offshore wind power by 2025, and hopes to preserve the relevant technology in Taiwan while promoting the industry. Thus, it has been gradually elevating the ratio of localization through the offshore wind power selection since 2018, which establishes industry chains of underwater foundation, towers, as well as wind turbine components and parts in Taiwan in the long term....  more


[EV] Tesla Slams Right Into Overturned Truck While on Autopilot

On June 1, a Tesla has slammed into the roof of an overturned truck in Taiwan, while the Autopilot was allegedly on. This is yet another cautionary tale about why Autopilot is not all that “automatic”. We may still be years away from playing video games while sitting behind a wheel. ...  more


[Solar] Proposal for Largest Non-Subsidized PV and Battery Plant in UK Is Nearing Approval

Many countries are using non-arable land to establish PV power plants and wind farms, but some sites for green energy projects are also homes for protected species of animals and plants. Striking a balance between expanding the deployment of renewable generation systems and protecting native ecosystems has become an ongoing challenge for governments that have set ambitious targets for the reduction of carbon emissions. ...  more