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TrendForce: Global PV Demand Will Reach 158GW for 2021 as Many Regional Markets Rebound, but Risks Remain as Subsidies Drop

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the release of the global PV demand. However, the impact of the pandemic was not as significant as expected because the global market also showed considerable r...  more



[Lithium Battery] LG Energy Solution Plans to Begin Mass Production for All-Solid-State Batteries in 2026

Park Jinyong, Asia marketing manager for LG Energy Solution, said that his company is currently developing a polymer lithium-sulfur battery. This new generation of all-solid-state battery technology, which is expected to offer even higher energy density, lower weight, and greater safety, could be applied to electric vehicles, drones, and remote-controlled crafts. ...  more


[Solar] ATW Plans to Raise RMB 550 Million for Developing Manufacturing Equipment for TOPCon Cells

Autowell (ATW), a Chinese provider of manufacturing equipment for PV products, has disclosed to Chinese news outlets that it plans to raise RMB 550 million by selling its shares to specific investors....  more


[EV] Canada Bans Fossil-Fuel Vehicles and HEVs 5 Years In Advance to Accelerate Carbon Reduction

In order to construct a new economy that withstands climate change, the Government of Canada has announced that the country will comprehensively ban the sales of fossil fuel vehicles by 2035. It also proposed a stricter standard that requires all vehicles to be zero-emission by then, which means that HEVs will also be banned at that time....  more


[Storage] Form Energy’s Iron-Air Battery Becomes the Cheapest Storage Technology with a Cost 90% Less than Lithium Battery

The mysterious US startup Form Energy finally revealed the secret of its new battery, which is engineered with the iron-air battery technology to cut the cost to only 10% of lithium-ion, making it possibly the most inexpensive battery in the world....  more


[Solar] Tech Giants Facilitate Threefold Upgrades in Volvo’s EV Technology 

Volvo officially announced its new concept electric vehicle in an online presentation on July 1. In an effort to prepare for its comprehensive electrification strategy for 2030, the company has sought the help of tech giants such as Google, Nvidia, and Luminar to assist it with its integration of automotive software and hardware and to help it to further upgrade its automotive technology....  more