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Total Inverter Shipment in Taiwan Once Again Sets Record High in 1H20, with Chinese Manufacturer Sungrow Making Its First Appearance in Top Three, Says TrendForce

The current progress of downstream PV system installation in Taiwan is considerably lagging behind the 2.2GW yearly installed PV capacity targeted by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs...  more



[Solar] Tainan Ranks First in Installed Capacity for Solar Under Effective Implementation of Renewable Energy Program

A series of measures, including the Sun City Project, the Low Carbon City Autonomous Regulation of Tainan, and the Sun City Project 2.0, have indicated the success in green policy for Tainan, Taiwan, with the total accumulated volume of alternatives exceeding 1.6GW. Tainan is also leading in the installed capacity of solar among the entire country as of June 2020....  more


[Solar] Germany Released A New Version of Solar Highway. Is Driveway Canopy Attainable?

We have learnt from past experience that transforming road surfaces into solar panels perhaps is not the optimal green solution as both the bustling traffic and the substantial amount of dust will impact the performance of solar power generation. So what if the solar panels are installed above the driveway? German and Austrian scientists are recently pondering on how to utilize the highway section that occupies 2.6% of the total area in Germany by transforming the transportation network into a section of green power supply....  more


[EV] Cadillac Announces Battery Electric Crossover SUV LYRIQ, a Mix of American Contour and Technological Sentiment

Having seen performance sports cars and user-friendly models amidst the era where electric vehicles are on a gradual rise on the horizon, Cadillac has finally announced its first electric vehicle, LYRIQ, in order to show the world that American muscle and the sentiment of technology can coexist in electric vehicles....  more


[Solar] Clean Horizon: Spain’s 2.5GW Target for Energy Storage by 2030 Is Encouraging but Has to Be Supported with Concrete Measures

In an interview with, consulting firm Clean Horizon said that Spain will likely undertake regulatory changes and new policy initiatives over the next several years in order to reach its ambitious target of achieving a total installed capacity of 2.5GW for energy storage by 2030....  more


[Solar] Global Trend: Module Quoted Prices Rise in Non-Chinese Markets While All Segments of the Industry Chain in Negotiation

Polysilicon The price of polysilicon continued to rise this week, and the market remained on an upward trajectory. Impacted by the insufficient supply of polysilicon in the market, the polysilicon companies that were still in production have raised their prices one after another. The overall price increase in the past two weeks has exceeded 15% on average....  more