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Get Ready for the Energy Trend Seminar 2024!

With the ambitious aim of achieving carbon neutrality, the global clean energy industry has embarked on a new phase of development. This entails the creation of new energy solutions that are character...  more



[Solar] Energy Storage Battery Prices Hit New Low at $0.4/Wh, Marking a 6.8% Monthly Decline

As per TrendForce's analysis, the battery industry experienced a dip in operational efficiency in November owing to weakened customer demand...  more


[Solar] Insights and Highlights Summary: ETS 2024 Energy Trend Seminar by TrendForce

On November 30, 2023, ETS Energy Trend for 2024, hosted by TrendForce and its new energy research center, EnergyTrend, successfully conclude...  more


[Solar] China Achieves 50% Reduction in Power Prices Through Robust Renewables Integration, Surpassing US and Europe

In a recent report, Wood Mackenzie predicts that China is poised to achieve remarkable milestones in 2023, with the potential installation o...  more


[Solar] California's Rooftop Solar Mandate Illuminates Potential Pitfalls for National Energy Policies

The California rooftop solar policy sends a cautionary signal to the nation, as discussed by four expert panelists during the recent pv maga...  more


[Solar] China's Shining Bright: A Forecast of Dominance in Solar Manufacturing Until 2026

According to a recent Wood Mackenzie report, China is set to maintain its stronghold on the global solar industry, with over 80% of manufact...  more