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Chailease Leads the Pack in 2019 Rankings of Taiwanese EPC Suppliers, Says TrendForce

The yearly COD capacity of the top 10 EPC suppliers accounted for 44% of Taiwan’s PV market According to the latest edition of the 2020 Solar Powering Taiwan: Special Report, published by the Energy...  more



[Solar] LANL Unveils Solar Cells Based on Non-Toxic and Low-Cost Quantum Dots

The conversion of solar energy into electricity does not solely rely on PV cells made from crystalline silicon. There are many alternative technologies including thin-film cells, perovskite cells, and organic cells. Recently, scientists in the US have also made breakthroughs in the development of PV cells based on quantum dots....  more


[EV] Nissan Electric Ambulance Hit the Road in Tokyo with a Distressing Power Level and Horsepower

Nissan’s electric ambulance officially hit the road in Tokyo as the first electric ambulance in Japan, though its motor and battery configuration is relatively on the low end, which may raise concern....  more


[Solar] Neutrinovoltaics Produce Energy Even When Photovoltaics Fail

-- Combined with the non-visible spectrums that come from other stars, ethereal particles like Neutrinos bombard us from all directions throughout every moment of the day. Neutrino Energy Group scientists are convinced that Neutrinovoltaic could make up for some of the limitations of photovoltaic-energy generation. ...  more


[Wind Energy] Wind Turbine Blade Recycling has "Tons" of Potential

EPRI Report Points to R&D in Promising Technologies and Solutions. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), in collaboration with the American Composite Manufacturers Association (ACMA), addresses scientific questions related to recycling millions of tons of wind turbine blades that would otherwise end up in landfills, in a recently published report. ...  more


[Lithium Battery] Panasonic In Gloomy Prospect as LG Chem Crowned In the Battle of Lithium Battery Provision

The statistics in the shipment of lithium batteries during the first quarter of 2020 revealed that LG Chem has become the new champion by surpassing Tesla’s good partner Panasonic, and the key factor lies on the demand for batteries from Tesla’s China factory....  more