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Total Inverter Shipment in Taiwan Once Again Sets Record High in 1H20, with Chinese Manufacturer Sungrow Making Its First Appearance in Top Three, Says TrendForce

The current progress of downstream PV system installation in Taiwan is considerably lagging behind the 2.2GW yearly installed PV capacity targeted by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs...  more



[Solar] Globally Discarded Batteries of Electric Vehicles Can Satisfy All Demand of Energy Storage System by 2030

Lithium-ion battery is practically ubiquitous as it can be found from smartphones and notebooks to electric vehicles and battery energy storage system. Will an excess demand in raw materials occur as the usage of the particular product increases?...  more


[EV] Ford Unveils Its E-Transit Cargo Van, Priced at US$45,000

On November 12, Ford officially unveiled its second mass-produced EV, hot on the heels of the electric Mustang Mach-E. Capable of carrying a max load of 2,000 kg, the newly released E-Transit represents a new effort by Ford to dominate the commercial market. The EV has a 200 km mileage on a single charge, with a price tag of US$45,000 and an expected delivery date at the end of 2021....  more


[Solar] Partial Capacity Expansion of Integrated Module Chinese Companies in 2020

Cost advantage is obvious for integrated enterprises. According to the new capacity release progress of Longi, JA Solar and JinKo, it is est...  more


[Solar] Tesla Loses Leadership Position in European EV Market with 20% YoY Decrease in Market Share in 3Q20

Although Tesla is the undisputed king in the global EV market, the automaker has encountered much resistance in Europe this year. As of 3Q20, Tesla’s share in the all-EV market in Europe fell by 20% YoY, its throne usurped by Volkswagen and Renault....  more