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TrendForce: Global PV Demand Will Reach 158GW for 2021 as Many Regional Markets Rebound, but Risks Remain as Subsidies Drop

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the release of the global PV demand. However, the impact of the pandemic was not as significant as expected because the global market also showed considerable r...  more



[Solar] First Solar Water Resource Plant in Chile to Filter Drinking Water from the Air

The unbearable summer weather in Taiwan is often caused by humidity, which creates an excruciating feeling when the high water vapor content in the air is met with the obstinately high temperature. However, a Chilean startup has discovered the advantage of a high humidity environment, and managed to obtain drinking water from the air using solar energy and hydropanels, where the new plant is able to produce 10,000L of water per month....  more


[Solar] Research Shows Replacing 50% Coal-Fired Power Plants with Low Carbon Energy Will Save US$1.6 Trillion for China

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, reiterated in December 2020 regarding the achievement of the carbon neutrality target for 2060, and proposed schedules and procedures that are even more concrete. The new report of TransitionZero also proposes that a 50% reduction in carbon dioxide by 2030, which equals shutting down 588 units of coal-fired power plants, will not only achieve the target, but also save US$1.6 trillion for China....  more


[Solar] ESMC Urges an Allocation of EU€20 Billion to Cultivate for a Bounce Back in Local Solar Industry of Europe

The EU hopes to recover the economy from the slump that was derived under the COVID-19 pandemic through an EU€700 billion financial stimulus package, and the European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC) believes that EU€20 billion of that figure should be allocated to the solar industry to support the local solar manufacturing....  more


[EV] Binance's New Gimmick: Customers Can Use BUSD to Buy TSLA Crypto Stock Tokens Without Service Charge nor Commission Fee

Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, officially launched Tesla crypto stock token(s) on April 13th. TSLA token(s) are short for Tesla crypto stock token(s). Investors can use BUSD (Binance USD, as known as BUSD, a type of stablecoin that is anchored 1-for-1 to the US dollars) to directly buy TSLA token(s) without any commission fee. TSLA tokens are the first of its kind in Binance. Meanwhile, Tesla company is known for its passion toward cryptocurrency....  more


[Solar] Australian Scientists Turn Human Hair into Carbon Nanodots That Can Enhance Stability of Perovskite PV Cells

Can strands of discarded hair on the barbershop floor become a key material for improving the stability of perovskite PV cells?...  more