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Insights and Highlights Summary: ETS 2024 Energy Trend Seminar by TrendForce

On November 30, 2023, ETS Energy Trend for 2024, hosted by TrendForce and its new energy research center, EnergyTrend, successfully concluded in Shenzhen. With the overarching themes of Empowering, In...  more



[Solar] Earnings Pressure Forced Mono-Si Wafer Companies to Clear Inventory at Low Prices

This week, the average transaction price of N-type G10L monocrystalline silicon wafers (182*183.75 mm / 130μm/256mm) was adjusted to RMB 1.1...  more


[Solar] Energy storage battery boom is changing the U.S. power structure

U.S. developers are deploying batteries at a record pace, increasing the utilization of renewable energy generation and changing the U.S. ge...  more


[Solar] Industry News | Retired Power Batteries Achieve Low-Cost, High-Quality Cathode "Regeneration"

A research team has made progress in the sustainable recycling of retired power batteries. They have broken through the complex three-step p...  more


[Solar] Significant Year-on-Year Growth in Chinese Installations in May, 14.66 GWh of New Energy Storage Capacity Added in China from January to May

China's energy storage installations in May saw significant year-on-year growth, with clear support for annual installation demand. Accordin...  more


[Solar] China's crystalline silicon PV module exports up 20% year-on-year in Jan-April

Data released by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on June 12 showed that China's exports of crystalline silicon PV mo...  more