Battery Japan 2018 Focus on EV Application and Solid-State Technology

This year’s Battery Japan, a major annual trade show on rechargeable battery technologies, showed the continuing market interest in the lithium-ion battery (LIB) for the electric vehicle (EV). Large discussion forums were held durin.. more

Dyson and Samsung’s Investment in Ionic Materials Could Signal a Breakthrough in Solid-State Batteries

Technology news platforms Axios and Futurism reported that Ionic Materials Inc., a US-based battery material developer, just received a massive US$65 million in funding from investors that included South Korea’s Samsung Group a.. more

Lithium Batteries Can Work at Record Low Temperature of - 70 Celsius Thanks to New Research Findings

Cold temperature negatively impacts the performance of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) and limits their range of applications. Presently, most LIBs can only operate at about 12% of their optimal level when the temperature drops down .. more

Tokai Carbon Expands Capacity for Key Lithium-Battery Material

In response to the fast-developing EV (electric vehicle) market, Tokai Carbon of Japan has resolved to invest 5 billion Japanese yen for expanding the capacity of negative electrode of lithium-ion batteries, hopefully by 70% by 2020, according to a report in Nikkan Kogyo.. more


The growing demand for batteries in the transportation sector and  in  renewable  energy  systems  as  a  whole  is  speeding  up  developments  in  battery production,  with  new  battery  ma.. more

Development of NMC Battery May Ease the Tight Supply of Cobalt in 2018, Says EnergyTrend

The demand for xEV battery sees significant growth in 2017 due to the development of new energy vehicles, resulting in a 114% price surge for cobalt. In order to ease the cost pressure, battery makers are looking for ways to decrease the amount of cobalt used in xEV battery.. more

National Engineering Research Center Offers an Outlet for Used Car Batteries

The phenomenal growth of new-energy cars in China, thanks to vigorous governmental promotion, has spawned a problem: how to dispose of used car power batteries whose amount is expected to skyrocket. China's new-energy car market began to take off in 2012, with the ann.. more