New U.K. Buildings and Streets Must Have Charging Bases for Electric Cars

New buildings, streets, and streetlamps in the U.K. must be furnished with charging bases for electric cars, according "Road to Zero" program just released by the U.K government on July 9. The program is part of the government&#.. more

UK’s EV Fleet Will Reach 36 Million by 2040 and Put Pressure on National Grid

A recent webinar held by UK’s National Grid Electricity Transmission PLC forecast that the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on UK’s roads will reach around 11 million in 2030 and 36 million in 2040. The UK is one of the.. more

Global Electric Vehicle Market Continues to Expand as Power Battery Prices Decrease, Says EnergyTrend

The global electric vehicle market continues to expand while the oil prices increase, power battery prices decrease, and countries have been proposing stricter CO2 emission targets for vehicles. EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce, forecasts that the market share of elec.. more

Rumor Busted! Panasonic Expressed Willingness to Re-invest in Tesla Gigafactory

Rumor has it that the battery giant Panasonic might not re-invest in Tesla's Gigafactory for the sake of investment risk, according to the Japanese media. By contrast, Reuters broke news that Panasonic said on July 2 that upon the request.. more

Hyundai Forays Into Energy-Storage Market

Hyundai Motor announced in June decision to foray into the battery energy-storage market, via collaboration with Greensmith, a energy-storage software provider under the auspices of Finnish dynamic-system firm Wärtsilä, disregarding fa.. more

Australia Firm Develops Conductive Road Capable of Charging Electric Vehicles

On top of existing fire- and water-proof concrete available on the market, Australian mining firm Talga has developed conductive concrete via the addition of graphene, making it possible for construction of conductive roads capable of charging driv.. more

Tesla to Close 14 Solar Installation Facilities amid Struggles

Tesla Inc. is facing one difficult challenge after another. Apart from the production bottleneck that threatens the sustainability of its electric vehicle (EV) business, the company’s solar panel business is also facing a significant decl.. more