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Foxtron Demonstrates Its Results in Autonomous Driving Platform Research in Keelung in an Event Open to the General Public

published: 2021-10-12 10:04 | editor | category: News
Foxtron Vehicle Technologies, jointly funded by Foxconn and Yulon, announced that the company will unveil for the first time the result of an investigation based on its self-designed autonomous driving open platform along with ITRI’s autonomous driving sensing system software, from October 8 to 11 in the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology in Keelung, Taiwan. ...  more

Auto Part Supplier Denso Rakes in Big Money Thanks to EVs

published: 2021-09-08 9:30 | editor | category: News
Japanese auto part supplier Denso contains a significant market scale and cash flow efficiency, and managed to achieve an apparent growth amidst the transformation of electrification, with a market value that has now surpassed that of major auto brands like Ford and Honda. ...  more

Credit Suisse: Expeditious Growth of EVs to Benefit Global Semiconductor Industry

published: 2021-09-07 9:30 | editor | category: News
The Credit Suisse Asian Technology Conference is live this week. Credit Suisse pointed out that tech industry will be welcomed with a bright prospect for the next two years under the impulsion of critical growth factors such as 5G promotion, new iPhone announcement, and the development in edge computing, as well as the support from AI and EVs. ...  more

Iron Man's EV, the Audi e-Tron GT, Was Sold out in Taiwan in 2021

published: 2021-08-25 9:30 | editor | category: News
Audi's prestigious electric vehicle, the e-Tron GT, is currently the most stylish and highest quality EV under Audi's name. Every e-Tron GT is custom-made in the production line of the company's Böllinger Höfe factory in Germany, along with its legendary sports car R8. With the factory’s high quality control standards, the overall production build and quality of the e-Tron GT should be quite impressive. ...  more

CTBC’s Green Energy and Electric Vehicle ETF Approved for Public Offering, Allowing Investors to Grasp Net-Zero Business Opportunities

published: 2021-08-16 17:37 | editor | category: News
As Earth is getting hotter, net-zero economy has become a common goal shared by governments worldwide. To help investors grasp opportunities for net-zero business, CTBC Investments issued the Green Energy and Electric Vehicle ETF, which has recently been approved for public offering by the relevant authorities. Being the first to launch an ETF that targets both renewable energy and electric vehicle (EV) trends in Taiwan, CTBC has seized the “trillion-dollar” business opportunity of green transformation and EV boom. ...  more