Tesla's Enormous Demand Made Cylindrical Battery Undersupplied

Gigafactory, a joint venture of Tesla and Panasonic, was rumored to produce less than expected. Panasonic was forced to allocate its battery capacity in Japan to fulfill demand from Tesla. Thus, Panasonic's output shortage i.. more

Canadian Company Prospects Century-Old Silver Mine for Cobalt to Feed the Hungry Electrical Vehicle Market

The growth of electric vehicle (EV) market has contributed to the already enormous market appetite for raw materials used in the production of lithium-ion batteries. According to an article published by the Wall Street Journal on 29 January 20.. more

Gogoro Offers Free Use of Battery-Swap System

Gogoro, Taiwan's leading electric motorcycle manufacturer, has offered free licensing of its battery-swap system, in order to encourage other players joining the market. The decision was announced by Horace Luke, chief executive of Gogo.. more

Nikola Motor Company To Manufacture Innovative New Technology in Arizona

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Nikola Motor Company has announced the company has selected Buckeye, Arizona for its Nikola Motor Company hydrogen-electric semi-truck manufacturing headquarters facility. The new 500 acre, one million square foot facility will be loca.. more

CMC Delivers Electric Motorcycles to Chunghwa Post

In line with the government's policy banning fuel-oil motorcycles by 2035, Chunghwa Post has taken delivery of 1,627 heavy-duty electric motorcycles, dubbed "emoving Post," from China Motor Corp. CMC points out that ".. more

Market Shift to Electric Vehicles Poses Challenge to Japan’s Automotive Industry

Japan’s automotive industry is widely admired for its scale, efficiency, and quality. Nevertheless, the country’s car makers and parts suppliers are starting to worry that the technological transition from traditional fuel vehicles t.. more

Chunghwa Post Has Put More Than 1,600 Electric Motorcycles into Service and Aims to Electrify Its Entire Motorcycle Fleet in Next Six Years

Taiwan’s official postal service Chunghwa Post Co. Ltd. held a press event on 15 January to formally launch its electric motorcycle squadron. Chunghwa Post announced that it is now the first government-owned enterprise to have formed an .. more