Gogoro Expands its Reach in South Korea, Setting up 70 Battery Swap Stations

published: 2023-06-13 9:30
A global shift towards electrification is on the move, and Taiwanese e-scooter manufacturer Gogoro is leading the charge. In a thrilling announcement, the company is bolstering its presence in South Korea by extending its ground-breaking battery exchange system to seven cities outside the bustling metropolis of Seoul. This development will also spark the sale of Gogoro’s coveted e-scooters, driving the brand’s global momentum. ...  more

Porsche-Designed Electric Scooter Full of Taiwanese Flavors

published: 2023-06-12 9:30
Yadea has officially announced its electric scooter F200, which is primarily designed by Porsche, and not only does it possess powerful performance, but also resembles scooters seen in Taiwan. Unfortunately, the model will not be released in the Taiwanese market. ...  more

Volvo Saw Record-Breaking Growth in Electric Trucks at 254% during Q1

published: 2023-06-08 9:30
Tesla is the EV leader, though Volvo Group has overtaken its competitors in the electric truck field, and is expecting to surpass 50% in battery electric trucks by 2030, before accomplishing its target of 100% battery electric by 2040, after announcing its latest major order recently. ...  more

EVE Begins Construction on Its Battery Production Plant in Hungary

published: 2023-06-07 9:30
Chinese battery manufacturer EVE held a groundbreaking ceremony for its production plant in Hungary on May 30. The plant is located in an industrial park in the north part of the city of Debrecen. It is also adjacent to a vehicle production plant operated by BMW. Hence, it is highly likely that the EVE’s plant will supply the batteries for BMW’s electric cars. ...  more

Is the Next Showdown Brewing Over Budget Micro Electric Cars?

published: 2023-06-06 9:30
The rapid strides made in the EV sector are unmissable. Although there is a range of high-priced, luxury models packed with advanced technology and superior performance, many consumers eagerly await the advent of more economical, everyman EVs. Yet, before those make their debut, several automakers are vying for dominance in the more affordable micro EV market. ...  more